Tomb Raider

The new Tomb Raider film will be directed by Ben Wheatley, who recently directed the Kill List in 2011 and High-Rise in 2015.

MGM chose the director for the upcoming movie of Tomb Raider, reboot following the film came out in 2018 with Alicia Vikander.

The director of the new Tomb Raider will, therefore, be Ben Wheatley, who recently directed Kill List in 2011 and High-Rise in 2015, both excellent films which therefore bode well for the result of this new film adaptation on the Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix series.

Wheatley seems to have a certain fondness for content concerning black comedy, conflicting characters and violence even strangely and shockingly, as also referred to by Destructoid, which could perhaps be associated in particular with a Tomb Raider.

As for Lara Croft, the protagonist will again be played by Alicia Vikander, as had been confirmed for some time. Production will start in 2020 and the release of the new Tomb Raider film should take place in 2021.

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