Tonight on TV 14 August 2022, programs, films, Rai, Mediaset, Sky

On Raiuno, the fiction La dama velata, with Miriam Leone, Lino Guanciale. On Canale 5, the biographical film, Flower of the desert, with Liya Kebede.

Tonight on TV on Sunday 14 August 2022. Up Raitretravel with Kilimanjaro summerprogram led by Camila Raznovich. On Italy 1current events with Hyenas present.

Tonight on TV Sunday 14 August 2022, Rai

On Raiunoat 21.25, the fiction The veiled lady with Miriam Leone, Linen Pillow. Two episodes: the first is entitled “Aurora“. Upon reading the will, it turns out that Vittorio has appointed his niece Aurora as the only heir. She will therefore be Clara (Miriam Leone) to manage the estate of the family and the San Leonardo estate until the daughter reaches the age of majority. Following, “The spider’s web“.

On Raitreat 21.20, evening of travel with Kilimanjaro summer. New appointment with the Sunday program conducted by Camila Raznovich which also tonight addresses issues related to travel, science, environment, nature, art and cultures of the world. As usual, guests and films will alternate for a trip to the most fascinating places on the planet.

Mediaset, Tv8, Nove programs

On Italy 1at 21.20, the news with Hyenas present. Let’s review the episode of last May 24th made by Alessandro De Giuseppe And Riccardo Festinese. From the Bollate prison (Milan) Alberto Stasi speaks exclusively and for the first time, seven years after his arrest for the murder of his girlfriend Chiara Poggiof the so-called “crime of Garlasco“.

On Tv8at 9.30 pm, the talent Italia’s got talent. Another Sunday evening in the company of the most memorable performances of the tenth edition of the talent created by Simon Cowell and conducted by Lodovica Comello. Among the many, those of the magician Marco Honey and the ventriloquist Andrea Fratellini.

On Nineat 9.25pm, prose evening: I feel the Earth turn. Teresa Mannino brings his latest show focused on environmental protection to TV. With his fitting comedy, he also talks about issues of his everyday life: from the fifties who seem to be in their twenties, to the traditions of his Sicily.

The films this evening on Sunday 14 August 2022

On Rai Movieat 21.10, the comedy film of 2014, by Rose Bosch, A summer in Provencewith Jean Reno. The brothers Léa, Adrien and Théo go to their grandparents Irene and Pual for their summer holidays in the countryside. The latter, due to an old family quarrel, never met them.

On Network 4at 21.25, the comedy film of 2009, by Luca Lucini, Just marriedwith Luca Argentero. Love in Italy of the third millennium, like the one that binds the Apulian policeman Nicola (Luca Argentero) to his girlfriend Alopa (Moran Atias), daughter of the Indian ambassador. Then we know the precarious Salvatore (Dario Bandiera) and Chiara (Isabella Ragonese) and the soubrette Sabrina (Gabriella Pession).

On Channel 5at 21.20, the biographical film of 2009, by Sherry Hormann, Desert flowerwith Liya Kebede, Soraya Omar-Scego. The true story of Waris Dirie ( Liya Kebede), born into a nomadic family in a Somali village. After becoming a famous supermodel, she is appointed UN ambassador for women’s rights. Today Waris Dirie it is the symbol of the campaign against the practice of infibulation.

On 20 Mediasetat 9.05 pm, the 2007 drama film, by Ridley Scott, American gangsterwith Russell Crowe, Denzel Washington, Josh Brolin. During the Vietnam War, drug dealer Frank Lucas imports heroin from Thailand to the United States. Detective Richie Roberts sets out on his trail.

Tonight on tv Sunday 14 August 2022 film

Iris, La 5, Cine34

On Irisat 9.00 pm, the drama film of 2014, by Richard Laxton, Effie Gray – Story of One scandalwith Dakota Fanning. London, 1840: the art critic Ruskin marries Effie Gray at the behest of the family, but the marriage will not be consummated. After 5 years of living together, she decides to leave her husband.

On The 5at 21.10, the 1996 comedy film, by Ron Shelton, Tin Cupwith Kevin Costner, Rene Russo. Roy, a broken promise of golf, is a teacher in a second-rate Texan club. But when he meets the beautiful Molly, engaged to his rival David, he regains pride and decides to get serious.

On Cine34at 9.00 pm, the 1980 comedy film, by Carlo Verdone, A lot nicewith Carlo Verdone, Renato Scarpa, Mario Brega. Comedy in episodes to tell the extravagant Roman mid-August of a suburban bully, a timidone with ambitions from Casanova and a “son of flowers“.

Tonight on TV on Sunday 14 August 2022, the films on Sky

On Sky Cinema Oneat 9.15 pm, the 2005 action film, by Pierre Morel, The Gunmanwith Sean Penn, Jasmine Trinca. Former military man Martin Terrier would like to start a new life with Annie in a Congo village. But, after surviving a bombing, he is forced to return to action.

On Sky Cinema Dueat 9.15 pm, the 2020 drama film, by Reinaldo Marcus Green, Joe Bellwith Mark Wahlberg. After the death of young gay Jadin, a victim of homophobic bullying, his father Joe embarks on a long journey on foot to let people know how special his son was and how dangerous the bullying is.

On Sky Cinema Familyat 9.00 pm, the drama of 1984, by John G. Avildsen, The Karate Kid – To win tomorrowwith Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita. Daniel, fatherless, arrives in California with his mother. Victim of the bullies who train in the local karate gym, the young man will find in the elder Miyagi a teacher of life.

On Sky Cinema Actionat 9.00 pm, the thriller film of 2010, by Christopher Nolan, Inceptionwith Leonardo Dicaprio, Ellen Page. Cobb, adept at stealing secrets from the depths of the human subconscious while he dreams, must implant an idea in the mind of a billionaire. But a dark enemy is lurking.

On Sky Cinema Suspenseat 9.00 pm, the 2012 drama film, by John Hillcoat, Lawlesswith Shia LaBeouf. United States: In the years of prohibition, the three Bondurant brothers produce and trade alcohol, trying to stay away from local gangsters. But the arrival of a corrupt cop gets them into trouble.

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