Tonight on tv | movies not to be missed on the 27th of march 2020


#stateacasa, recommend a good movie to watch on TV while sitting comfortably on the couch to us.

Tonight on TV | movies not to miss on the 25th of march 2020

Tonight on TV | Rich imagination | Rai Uno

1) Rich fantasy aired on Rai Uno, with Sergio Castellitto, Sabrina Ferilli, Valeria Fabrizi, Antonio Catania.

Plot: Sergio is a surveyor, now a carpenter, Sabrina is a former singer who works in the restaurant of his companion. The two are in mantles, but, for economic problems, cannot go to live together, leaving behind the families. Everything seems to change when a colleague of Sergio decides to take vengeance on the jokes, which is often the victim into believing to have won three million euros in the lottery. Then, Sergio, believing themselves to be rich, it takes courage and convinces Sabrina to run away with him.

Stasera in TV | The Kingdom | Rai 4

2)The kingdom aired on Rai 4 with Antonio de la Torre, Monica Lopez, Josep Maria Pou, Barbara Lennie.

Plot: A corrupt politician sees his position and eventually crack when a colleague is arrested with the allegation of fraud and corruption. Terrified that it may be the fact even his name, the man tries in all ways to cover up the case.

Stasera in TV | John Wick | Italy

3) John Wick aired on Italy A with Keanu Reeves, Adrianne Palicki, Willem Dafoe, Bridget moynahan’s hairstyles, Michael Nyqvist, Ian McShane, Jason Isaacs, Alfie Allen, Bridget Regan, Dean Winters, John Leguizamo, Lance Reddick and Kevin Nash.

Plot:After the sudden death of his wife, John Wick receives from her a last gift: a beagle puppy accompanied by a note that urges him to never forget how to love. The deep sorrow of John, however, is interrupted when her car, a Boss Mustang 1969 draws the attention of sadistic thug Iosef Tarasof that, in spite of the rejection of John, together with his henchmen burst into the house of the man to take the car with the violence. The gesture of the band scatenera’ and then the awakening of one of the most cruel assassins the underworld has ever known: John, in fact, has long been a legendary and ferocious killer of New York, who worked for the father of Iosef, the boss Viggo Tasarov. And his search for revenge rimettera’ in motion the ruthless death machine that the world of crime once feared.

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Tonight on TV| Lucifer | Season 3 Episode 17 – A concert with a bang | Mediaset 20

4) Lucifer – Season 3 Episode 17 aired on Mediaset 20.

Plot: Lucifer decides to shift his attention away from Chloe, so try to focus on the other. A famous pop star could be killed during a concert. Chloe and Lucifer investigate and Lucifer finds himself, despite himself, to risk his life for Chloe despite what he had promised himself to do.

Tonight on TV | JOY | Rai Movie

5) Joy in onda su Rai Movie with Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Isabella Rossellini, Edgar Ramirez, Diane Ladd, Virginia Madsen, Bradley Cooper, Elisabeth RÖhm, Isabella Crovetti-Cramp, Madison Wolfe, Arthur Hiou.

Plot: The turbulent story of Joy Mangano and his family through four generations: from adolescence to maturity, until the empire-building business that survives for decades. Betrayal, deceit, loss of innocence and the pains of love intertwined in private life both in the professional field, clashing with a world of work that does not forgive. Allies become enemies and enemies become allies, both inside and outside the family, but the most intimate of Joy and her lively imagination and help to overcome the problems with which they must grapple.

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Stasera in TV | Full Metal Jacket | Iris

6) Full Metal Jacket aired on the Iris with Matthew Modine, Vincent D’onofrio, Adam Baldwin, R. Lee Ermey, Dorian Harewood.

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Plot:A group of u.s. marines, recruits normal soon transformed into killing machines by the intense and relentless training of the ferocious sergeant Hartman, he left for Vietnam, and experiences in the raw Tet offensive, which has for its theatre the city of vietnam, Hue, the horrors of a deadly war for both sides, from which the survivors do not come out winners, nor losers, but inhuman and cynical professionals of death.

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