Tonight on TV: the films not to be missed on Wednesday 18 May 2022

Wednesday 18 May 2022 – Television

Directed by Sergio Rubini. A film with Rocco Papaleo, Sergio Rubini, Ivana Lotito, Bianca Guaccero, Gennaro Diana, Pinuccio Tota, Serena Tondo, Nicola Valenzano, Fabio Scaravilli, Totò Onnis. Comedy genre – Italy, 2019.

Tonino is a thief always in search of the great stroke of luck: which finally seems to arrive when the spoils of a robbery, for which he had been relegated to the role of stake, accidentally ends up in his hands. Tonino escapes with the stolen goods on the roofs of Taranto and finds refuge in a dilapidated dormer inhabited by a strange character: Renato, who has given himself the nickname of Black Deer because he considers himself an Indian, part of a tribe in constant struggle against the Yankees. Renato, as a contemptuous syllable Tonino, is a “mi-no-ra-to”, but it is also the only lifeline for the fugitive, who among other things was badly injured when falling from the top of an elevated construction site. An understanding between the two will be born not only of marginalization, but also of an unsuspected consonance of views.


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