Tonight on TV: the films of today 22 June

Are you not enthusiastic about summer programming and are you bored in front of the TV? So tonight we recommend some movies that can give you a good shake. The thriller genre is perfect, so off to well-known titles such as The Interpreter with Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn, but also to other more recent ones (and all to be discovered) such as Who is without sin-The Dry starring Eric Bana.

If, on the other hand, you want to avoid anxious plots, we recommend the comedy In your place with funny Luca Argentero and Stefano Fresi.

The titles not to be missed

In your place – Rai 1, at 21.25

Director: Max Croci

Cast: Luca Argentero, Stefano Fresi, Ambra Angiolini, Serena Rossi, Grazia Schiavo, Fioretta Mari, Livio Beshir

Year: 2016

Plot: Luca Molteni and Rocco Fontana are two creative directors. The first is a single architect by choice, charming and womanizer who lives in a completely domotic town house, while the other is a simple surveyor who lives in a country house, married to Claudia and with three children. When they discover that the companies they work for are close to merging, the sadistic German director proposes to them a swap of lives to win the only managerial position in the new company. Thus, for a week, they will have to exchange homes and adopt the same daily habits as the other.

The Interpreter – La7d, 9.10pm

Director: Sydney Pollack

Cast: Nicole Kidman, Sean Penn, Catherine Keener, Jesper Christensen, Yvan Attal

Year: 2005

Plot: Silvia works as an interpreter in the New York office of the United Nations. One day he overhears a telephone conversation in which he talks about the murder of an African head of state: from that moment his life is in danger and therefore the woman is entrusted to the custody of federal agent Keller, convinced that she too does. part of the plot.

Who is without sin – The Dry – Sky Cinema Uno, 9.15 pm

Director: Robert Connolly

Cast: Eric Bana, Genevieve O’Reilly, Keir O’Donnell, John Polson, Julia Blake

Year: 2020

Plot: After twenty years, Federal Agent Aaron Falk returns to his hometown to attend the funeral of his childhood friend Luke. The latter was reported to have killed his wife and son before taking his own life, a victim of the madness that devastated this community after more than a decade of drought. When Falk reluctantly agrees to stay and investigate the crime, he opens an old wound: the death of 17-year-old Ellie Deacon. Falk begins to suspect that these two crimes, separated for decades, are actually connected. As he struggles to prove not only Luke’s innocence but his innocence as well, Falk will have to deal with prejudice against him and the pent-up anger of a terrified community.

The other proposals

Live! Race against time – 8pm, 9pm

Director: Steven C. Miller

Cast: Courtney Eaton, Aaron Eckhart, Benjamin McKenzie, Jessica Lu

Year: 2019

When hands touch – Rai Movie, 9.10 pm

Director: Amma Asante

Cast: Amandla Stenberg, George MacKay, Abbie Cornish, Christopher Eccleston, Tom Sweet, Alec Newman

Year: 2018

Escape from Reuma Park – Cine34, 9.00 pm

Director: Aldo Baglio, Morgan Bertacca, Giovanni Storti, Giacomo Poretti

Cast: Aldo Baglio, Giovanni Storti, Giacomo Poretti, Valentino Picone, Salvatore Ficarra, Silvana Fallisi, Giorgio Centamore

Year: 2016

Liar lying – 27, 21.10

Director: Tom Shadyac

Cast: Jim Carrey, Jennifer Tilly, Krista Allen, Maura Tierney, Justin Cooper, Amanda Donohoe

Year: 1997

In the valley of Elah – Iris, 9.00 pm

Director: Paul Haggis

Cast: Tommy Lee Jones, Charlize Theron, James Franco, Susan Sarandon, Jason Patric, Josh Brolin

Year: 2007

Love a thousand… miles – La5, 9.10pm

Director: Nanette Burstein

Cast: Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, Charlie Day, Christina Applegate, Jason Sudeikis, Ron Livingston

Year: 2010

Cold Zone-Glacial Threat – Sky, 9.15 pm

Director: John MacCarthy

Cast: Martin Cummins, Kirsten Robek, Nick Purcha, Sarah Desjardins, Steve Bacic, Sarah-Jane Redmond

Year: 2017

Jenny Mcphee-Tata Matilda – Sky Cinema Family, 9.00 pm

Director: Kirk Jones

Cast: Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, Kelly Mcdonald, Angela Lansbury, Celia Imrie

Year: 2006

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