Tonight’s TV programs, Friday 23 September 2022. Agorà and Zona Bianca challenge Mentana, Crozza returns to the Nove

Brothers of Crozza

Rai 1, 20.30: Italy-England – Nations League

Soccer. The last home match of the Nations League 2022 edition for the Azzurri coincides with the official match number 60 played at San Siro: a goal that brings the Meazza closer to the Olimpico in Rome, where the national team has played twice more, 62 . The one against the English Lions represents, among other things, one of the last chances to grab a qualification for the final phase which remains complicated but possible, also considering the direct clash between Hungary and Germany, which precedes the Azzurri by two and a point in the Group 3 ranking. Italy-England, preceded by the double anthem performed live by the Italian-English soprano Carly Paoli, born in Nottinghamshire from an English father and an Italian mother, is live immediately after Tg1, with commentary by Alberto Rimedio and Antonio Di Gennaro and the interventions from the sidelines of Tiziana Alla. Alessandro Antinelli and Lele Adani, instead, the pre and post study, with interviews with the protagonists by Andrea Riscassi.

Rai29.20 pm: A summer in Mykonos | First Tv

Movie of 2020 by Jophi Ries with Valerie Huber and Daniel Rodic. Plot: A Mykonos policeman, Nikos Sakalidis, becomes infatuated with the German tourist Jana Johannson, who is in Mykonos with her mother for a vacation and to meet her biological father, a wealthy naval engineer. Nikos, however, will find himself investigating the beautiful Jana’s father.

Rai39.25 pm: Agorà – Special Elections 2022

Actuality. Monica Giandotti hosts a special dedicated to the Political Elections on Sunday 25 September.

Channel 59.15 pm: Nobody like us | First Tv

Movie of 2018 by Volfango De Biasi with Sarah Felberbaum and Alessandro Preziosi. Plot: What happens to your heart when you discover that the girl you are madly in love with is getting engaged to your best friend? What happens to your soul when you discover that your teacher and teacher of life is living a clandestine love with your best friend’s father? What is the true meaning of friendship when you discover that it is the only antidote to the pains of the heart?

Italy 19:25 pm: The Day After Tomorrow – The dawn of the day after

Movie 2004 by Roland Emmerich with Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal. Plot: Following a climate disaster of enormous proportions that has completely transformed our planet, Professor Adrian Hall sets out in search of his son Sam, who he believes is still alive and missing in the now ice-covered vicinity of New York.

Network 49.25 pm: Zona Bianca

Actuality. Giuseppe Brindisi exceptionally aired on Fridays with an episode entirely dedicated to the Political Elections on Sunday. Before the beginning of the electoral silence, the conductor interviews the president of Forza Italia Silvio Berlusconi, the foreign minister and leader of Civic Commitment Luigi Di Maio, the secretary of the Lega Matteo Salvini, the leader of Italia Viva Matteo Renzi and the leader of the 5 Star Movement Giuseppe Conte. Among the other guests: the exponent of the Brothers of Italy Elisabetta Gardini, the deputy of the Democratic Party Emanuele Fiano, the governor of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti and the national secretary of + Europe Benedetto Della Vedova.

There79.15 pm: The Last Word

Actuality. Enrico Mentana hosts a special on TgLa7 with interviews with the leaders of the parties running for the political elections on Sunday.

Tv89.30 pm: A love as a witness

Movie 2007 by Paul Weiland with Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan. Plot: Tom and Claire have been friends for many years: he goes out with many girls, and she instead wants to get married but she has not yet found the right man. Actually Tom is in love with Claire, and when one day she announces that she wants to get married, asking him to be a best man at her wedding, the man reluctantly agrees only to have a chance to stop the wedding ceremony and declare himself to Claire before it’s too late.

Nine9.25 pm: Brothers of Crozza | New edition

Entertainment. The one man show by Maurizio Crozza starts again. After the new characters anticipated in recent weeks, by King Charles III, grappling with the “real” difficulties of daily life with the Queen Consort Camilla at his side, passing through the Nobel Prize winner Giorgio Parisi, who teaches Italians how to save gas by cooking pasta, up to two key figures of the Italian political scene, both busy with the electoral campaign, Giorgia Meloni and Enrico Letta, new “masks” will take the stage for tonight’s premiere.

The other networks …

209.15 pm: 47 Ronin – Movie

Rai49.20 pm: NCIS Hawai’i – TV series

Iris9.15 pm: The Texan with the eyes of the ice god – Movie

Rai520.50: The Capulets and the Montagues – Theater

RaiMovie9.10 pm: Derailed – Fatal attraction – Movie

RaiPremium9.20 pm: Morgane – Brilliant Detective – TV series

Sky9.20 pm: Perfume – Movie

TwentySeven9.10 pm: Mr. Crocodile Dundee – Movie

La59.15 pm: Big Brother Vip – Reality

RealTime9.20 pm: Bake Off – Sweets in the oven – Talent

Cine349.05 pm: Spaghetti at midnight – Movie

Focus9.15 pm: Engineering over the limit – Documentary | Announcements

TopCrime9.10 pm: Chicago PD – TV series

MediasetItalia29.15 pm: Annabelle 2: Creation – Movie

MediasetAndxbetween9.10 pm: Big Brother Vip – Direct from the House – Reality

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