Tony Bennett in the Guinness Book of Records after the premiere of a question with Lady Gag

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett came up with the idea to record “Love For Sale” not long after their first album, “Cheek To Cheek”, debuted at the top of the Billboard chart in 2015. Recorded at Electric Lady Studios in New York, the album “Love For Sale” is an elegant and hit mix of jazz, big-band and orchestral arrangements. During the session, Bennett was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, which the family reported in 2021.

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– Every time I see Tony Bennett singing, I see a happy young boy. This makes the singing experience very liberating. Working with Tony in the studio, we had the opportunity to connect souls, at the same time I drew from his wisdom, from many years of experience – emphasizes Lady Gaga. This summer, the artist performed at special concerts at New York’s Radio City Music Hall, celebrating Tony Bennett’s 95th birthday.

In preparations, the duo was accompanied by Anderson Cooper with the crew of the “60 Minutes” program. Due to Bennett’s health, Susan Bennett spoke during the television interview. As she said, her husband still recognizes her and their children, but finds it increasingly difficult to concentrate on conversation or with orientation in the field. But when Bennett’s longtime accompanist Lee Musiker starts playing a famous song, a new energy bursts into Bennett. Anderson Cooper recalled that he witnessed the artist with the first sounds of music vigorously entered the room, showed a positive gesture to the camera and began to sing. – I have never had anything so extraordinary happened on the set – said the journalist.

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Tony Bennett’s discography includes over 60 studio albums, 11 live albums and 33 compilations. The New York singer began singing as a child; in 1944, at the end of World War II, he was drafted into the army – after the fighting was over, he spent some time in Germany, where he joined the military team. Bennett took his first steps as a solo artist in the early 1950s – since then he has consistently worked to become one of the most recognizable interpreters of American pop and jazz standards.

Tony Bennett has always had a nose for what the audience likes. His duets with Diana Krall, Michael Buble, Amy Winehouse and John Mayer gained great sympathy from the audience. The album “Cheek to Cheek”, recorded with Lady Gaga in 2014, brought the artist to the top of the Billboard 200 list for the second time in his career.

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