Too many balloons on the roof, the San Felice gym is flooded

The gym was flooded during the latest rains. After the urgent interventions to eliminate the water from the floors and dry everything, the causes are investigated. Will there be coverage problems? Not really: there are too many balloons on the roof. It happened in San Felice, in the sports facility in via Zerneri, and the mayor, Simone Zuin, tells about it: «During the heavy rains of last Thursday, the gym was completely flooded. Only the prompt intervention of the Technical Office allowed in a few hours to restore the places and make the structure accessible again ». Stop everyone, there is no point to point the finger at anyone. Because in fact the culprit is only one: children’s play.

No maintenance defects, therefore, nor any deterioration of the roof can be understood as responsible for the flooding: the gym is covered with water inside because too many balloons, of any shape, blocked the exhaust pipes. On the roof, in fact, «we found more than a dozen balloons. Nothing wrong with that, these things happen and I would say that luckily the children in San Felice still play football outdoors ». Removed the balls, problem solved.