TOP 10 gangster games, that is not only GTA 5, a man lives

10. Empire of Sin

Today’s list will open the strategic Empire of Sin, which allows interested parties to lead the mafia family during Prohibition. We are moving to Chicago, where crime is booming. Gangs fight for their influence and territories, and we also join the game with our tiny, or at least at the beginning of the game, squad. The tactical approach, which determines the success of a given mission, plays a significant role in the game.

9. Godfather

The Godfather (aka. The Godfather) was supposed to be GTA from Electronic Arts. I have to admit that they finally succeeded, because the production from 2006 kept a high level thanks to well-designed locations and satisfying tasks commissioned by the main character’s family. Most often they were limited to taking friends away from crime scenes, planting explosives or eliminating inconvenient people – while making them, you could feel the gangster atmosphere.

8. Mafia: Final Edition

Mafia: Final Edition is the first and only remake on today’s list. He saw the light of day last year and it must be said that this is one of the most praised refreshments by players. The action of the production takes place in the fictional Lost Heaven, and the protagonist is Tommy Angelo – a taxi driver whose life turned 180 degrees on one night. To get money quickly and easily, Thomas starts working on behalf of an organized crime group, which is not entirely good for him.

7. GTA Vice City

At the very beginning, it is worth noting that despite the fact that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City received a remaster included in Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, it is still better to get acquainted with the more refined original. The installment of the cult Rockstar series was released in 2002. About 19 years ago, those interested were able to meet Tommy Vercetti, who works for the influential Sonny Forrela after his release from prison. The hero’s task is to set up a drug branch interested in his boss in Vice City.

6. LA Noire

LA Noire is another production from Rockstar Games in this list. It was a breakthrough in its own way, because the developers responsible for it – Team Bondi to be exact, which finally went bankrupt and no longer deals with creating video games – took care of the technology of realistic facial expressions, which made playing the role of a detective and interrogating witnesses a lot of fun. In addition to focusing on the dialogues, the recipients had to carefully observe the faces of the NPCs and guess whether they were telling the truth or were bluffing. The main storyline of LA Noire revolves around the mysterious murders of women in Los Angeles.

5. Sleeping Dogs

The biggest surprise in this video game category? Definitely Sleeping Dogs, which, despite the fact that it was in many respects wooden, was able to stand out from other productions with an unforgettable story, very well-created heroes, and a unique atmosphere. The interested parties take control of the undercover Wei Shen, who must infiltrate the structures of the Bureau triads and infiltrate a criminal group led by Sun On Yee. Getting to know his “co-workers”, the protagonist faces many moral choices that determine the life of his companions, as well as the success of the mission.

4. Max Payne 3

The forever young Max Payne 3 was just behind the podium. After the tragic events of the previous parts of the Rockstar brand, the title character drowns his sorrows in alcohol and pills. After many sleepless days, he finally gets a second chance and becomes the private bodyguard of a wealthy family. By definition, a simple job turns into another bloody riot in which Max Payne – whether she wants it or not – takes part.

3. GTA 4

The podium opens with Grand Theft Auto IV, which – like LA Noire – offered many innovative solutions. This is the first installment of GTA, in which, thanks to the hit graphics engine Rockstar Advanced Game Engine, the realistic behavior of vehicles, character movements and the destruction of the environment were taken care of. All this made Grand Theft Auto IV enjoyable even today.

2. GTA: San Andreas

As with GTA: Vice City, GTA: San Andreas also made its debut in a restored version with the premiere of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. Unfortunately, but also here CJ’s adventure leaves much to be desired, so it is recommended to reach for the original, which is still fully playable. And it’s incredibly atmospheric – people who grew up on Groove Street in the past will know exactly what I’m talking about.

1. Mafia 2

The best gangster game? Undoubtedly, Mafia II, the memories of which will not disappear from my memory, probably for the rest of my life. The adventure of Vito Scaletta and his friend Joe Barbaro in earning money that would then be used to pay off debts was wonderful in many ways. However, the script itself deserves a special story, as it shows that whoever fights with the sword dies by the sword.

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