“Top Model”. The winner of the “Golden Ticket” changed her hairstyle. Weronika Zoñ in fringe like Camila Cabello?

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Weronika Zoń in the tenth edition of “Top Model” received a golden ticket from the jurors, which was associated with automatic qualification to the program. The participant did not have to attend Boot Camp. The aspiring model delighted viewers with her natural appearance and from episode to episode in front of the camera she is doing better and better. She did not get a drastic metamorphosis of her appearance in the program, so she decided to experiment on her own. Weronika surprised the fans with a new hairstyle and showed herself in a bang.

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Olga Król from “Top Model” changed her hairstyle

“Top Model”. Weronika Zoń changed her hairstyle. Now she has a straight fringe

Weronika Zoń published a new photo on Instagram that surprised her fans. The “Top Model” participant’s account is already watched by over 80,000 internet users. The 21-year-old admitted in the program that she lives in England, but as you can see, she decided to return to the country. Weronika is arranging an apartment in Wrocław and it inspired her to change her appearance as well. She treated herself to a straight fringe which added to her charm. In the description, she admitted that the vast majority of her observers said that she looks better in the previous hairstyle.

Welcome to the fringe version. Over 60 percent of you said on my story that you prefer me without, but listen, my friends, your hair will grow back and the changes are cool! Did I mention that we already have everything for the new apartment? (…) I wish you a nice evening and we are going to make a garden – wrote the model.

Despite everything, the fans showered the model with compliments. Weronika in the program did not undergo a spectacular metamorphosis. Her hair color had been tinted but left as long as she came to the show. It was only after leaving the house of models and models that she decided to break with the image that can be seen on TVN.

But lovely in the fringe.

You look gorgeous in any hairstyle and hair color.

In the photo like Camila Cabello!

Lovely fringe – we read.

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