topXI, and especially the wind you can’t stop

What’s left of Qatar2022. We will ask ourselves for the rest of our lives where we were during Argentina-France, the match of the 21st century and maybe even the previous one.

But it’s not just football.

That will remain in our memory forever, while for the next few weeks we will be still with the protagonists.

Starting from top XIin strict 4-3-3:

Dibu Martinezsimply decisive;


Maguirenever so ripe;


Theo Hernandezexplosive;

then Griezmanntotal;

Enzo Fernandezincredible in its parable;


in the end Ziyechoverflowing;

Messithe best player in the World Cup;

Mbappeone for whom the only comparison of the tenable past seems to be Pele.

But it’s not just football, and it’s not just footballers.

Then there are the best and the worst.

The best team, the Moroccoa miracle we cannot get used to;

and the worst, the Qatarthe worst host team ever.

The best player of course Leo;

and the worst suelerepresenting a German defense unworthy of status.

The best coach of course Regragouiwho made the impossible real;

and the worst Roberto Martinezineffective and harmful.

The best match, the the final that changed our perception;

and the worst, aEngland-USA good only for Anglo-Saxon media;

the surprise, again of course the Morocco;

and the disappointment, that Brazil which proportionally managed to do worse than Belgium and Germany, eliminating itself with its arrogance.

The best goal, the Mbappé’s first to Polanda slash from a standstill that sutures the space-time difference.

And finally the best fans, i Moroccans who shook Qatar from the hinterland (but the challenge is on par with the Argentines who filled the heart);

and the worst fans, those Dutch that only 300 showed up for the quarter-finals against Argentina, who did not travel to the Middle East in observance of the pre-World Cup press campaigns, especially them but also other European representations.

And here is the point.

Because it’s not just football, the players, the best and the worst.

What remains of Qatar2022 is a precious gift that leaves you with every World Cup, which grows over time, and which allows you to understand the true meaning of all this dream, or this circus, or this circle of adults.

It’s not just the euphoria of the funniest days that our lives offer us.

It is going beyond the boundaries of what we know, or rather what we think we know.

Beyond the perfectly organized World Cup, about which there were frankly little doubts if the situation of the place was really known, perhaps the World Cup organized in the best way ever.

But that’s not even the point.

All the peoples who went to Qatar going beyond stereotypes, beyond what had been reported by Western newspapers for years, beyond our idea of ​​Arab countries, were finally able to meet the Arab world from us, always so far away even when it is next to us .

The Qatari people, but by extension those who reside and work in Qatar even through humble jobs, and the Arab people by extension who animate Qatar, were able to welcome people of all cultures from all over the world, were finally able to meet and not clash with other customs, showing one’s desire to be the master of the house, illustrating one’s world but not imposing it, with the genuine enthusiasm of someone who wants to make you feel at ease in your own home.

Latinos, Arabs, Far East, Africans, Anglo-Saxons, etc. everyone had the pure instinct to meet and discover, offer and show.

It’s 30 days every 4 years, and I know well that it’s not about real life, about everyday life.

But what Qatar2022 leaves behind is precisely this: not only the illusion, but the example, in a land that is different and distant, but which can be close and common, of how peaceful coexistence between peoples can be achieved by men of good will really be possible.

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