Total impact! Filtered this photo of Selena Gomez on the beach: “Horror!”

Due to the episodes that Selena Gomez has experienced in recent years, the singer has shown some physical changes that have not gone unnoticed.

It all started in 2017The singer had been diagnosed with lupus and it was getting worse until she had to undergo a kidney transplant. The intervention went well, but the singer had to follow a cortisone-based treatment, as is usual in these cases, to avoid rejection. And the medication caused a significant weight gain.

Justin Bieber tops Selena Gomez

Shortly after there was another unpleasant fact for the girlJustin Bieber, with whom she had been in a relationship, left her for the model Hailey Baldwin. And not only that. Shortly after it was learned that the couple had engaged.

An episode that left the celebrity very touched, which ended up having to enter a rehabilitation clinic. And there she received more medication that caused more changes in her physical appearance.

Selena managed to leave the center within a few weeks, already in the process of recovery. And she has achieved it, both emotionally and physically. The first is proven by the fact that this Friday she released her first album after four years. The second is obvious to see her in her last appearances.

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Selena Gomez’s photo on the beach

However, there are still haters of the girl who are determined to remind you of the most difficult moments. And they do it by publishing photos as we share it below. A snapshot in which Selena was caught on a beach day and defined as “Horror!”

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