Totoministri, to the Interni in pole Piantedosi and to the Mef Siniscalco. Rocca is advancing for health

A government “The most authoritative and high-profile” possible. For Giorgia Meloni it is now a mantra. And even if the wall of silence that has built around it does not seem to break, that of competence is a diktat that is flaunted without difficulty by all his lieutenants. Also because, it is argued around the leader who yesterday met the enlarged FdI council, this is the keystone “with which Giorgia thinks she can unhinge any political problem”. Translated: if the figure chosen for a ministry is unassailable, neither the League, nor Forza Italia, nor the very loyal Brothers of Italy who hoped for a “noble” position (yesterday in any case they confirmed their full mandate). Consequently better than that Silvio Berlusconi And Matteo Salvini let their souls be at peace because in the next executive the technicians, pure or area, will be preponderant. Only two for the first category. Minimum three (in FdI share) for the second. “It will be a political government because it is elected by the people and with a clear political imprint that is that of the center-right,” the leader clarified to the 24 members of the national council convened in the morning in via della Scrofa. “This means that it will not be composed to resolve internal party disputes or by proposing any name or for position rents.” A warning in all respects to the various Salvini (who sets his feet for the Interior Ministry) and Licia Ronzulli (ended up at the center of an all-blue controversy because it causes the negotiations with her requests to slow down). “I’m the one to put my face to it,” says Giorgia, and it will be she who will have the last word. So much so that an experienced politician like Maurizio Lupi, head of the fourth leg of the winning coalition and considered almost certain in the Relations with Parliament, yesterday liquidated the matter: “Nobody is sure of anything”.


However, the method is now clear. The first boxes that will be filled will be those of the gods so-called pure technicians, that is, not elected. And if for the Interior the right standing seems to have been identified in the prefect of Rome Matteo Piantedosi (which also surpasses the former prefect of FdI Giuseppe Pecoraro), the game is open for the Economy. On the ECB board member Fabio Panetta, courted by Giorgia, everything and the opposite of everything is said. For someone FdI would have snatched a maximum availability. For someone else – notably Bloomberg – the rejection would be clear. The alternatives are not lacking and they are authoritative: the former minister Domenico Siniscalco and, on the rise, the current CEO of Cdp Dario Scannapieco (considered close to Mario Draghi and with the advantage of freeing the leadership of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti for some very faithful Melonian). However, the external ministers should end here. For all the other figures, the pool of parties will be drawn. First and foremost among the elect of the Brothers of Italy who, it transpires, has in mind to reserve Justice, Defense and Health. In this case the boxes could be filled with the former magistrate Carlo Nordio (the alternative, at this point in the second line, is the League’s Giulia Bongiorno, destined for the PA), with the president of Copasir Adolfo Urso or the other loyal Melonian Edmondo Cirielli (long-time politician and Carabinieri officer on parliamentary leave).

Government, the case of senators-ministers: the risk of a thinned majority in Palazzo Madama (where Salvini is also there)

More secluded Ignazio La Russawho, however, could wear the chevrons of the second office of the state as president of the Senate (Riccardo Molinari and Giancarlo Giorgetti in the Chamber running for the Carroccio). On the other hand, a super technician like Francesco Rocca, president of the International Red Cross, could land at Salute. The former manager Ema Guido Rasi is an alternative. If this scheme should be confirmed to foreigners (for which Elisabetta Belloni seems to withdraw, also in order not to “open” the Dis box to new disputes, while Giampiero Massolo goes up) an authoritative candidacy is that of the coordinator of FI Antonio Tajani, also eligible as deputy premier together with the Northern League secretary. The League then points to Agriculture – rejected by Salvini – for Gian Marco Centinaio, Infrastructure for Edoardo Rixi and Regional Affairs for Erika Stefani (all boxes for which the candidacy of the blue Alessandro Cattaneo is also strong). For the instruction claimed by Ronzulli, the Northern League technicians Mario Pittoni and Giuseppe Valditara and also the former leader of the FI Anna Maria Bernini. Ronzulli, however, could be destined for the family, for which the name of Lavinia Mennuni of FdI is also strong.


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