Tragedy on the English Channel. The boat with the migrants sank

31 migrants died as a result of a boat sinking in the English Channel, near Calais. Among the victims are 5 women and a little girl.

Around At 2:00 p.m., a French fisherman reported that he had spotted about 15 bodies floating in the sea near Calais.

The rescue operation of the services lasted until late afternoon.

The Navy said that the bodies of “more than 20 people” were recovered, and several unconscious people were also rescued.

In the evening, the interior minister announced that 31 people drowned, and among the victims are five women and a little girl.

As AP writes, there may be more victims, because, as it is believed, there were 50 people on the pontoon boat.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex called it a “tragedy”. “I am thinking of the many missing and injured victims of smugglers who take advantage of their suffering and misfortune,” Castex added on Twitter.

The prosecutor’s office in Dunkirk informed the AFP agency that an investigation into the operation of an organized group of people smugglers in Calais had been opened.

Before Wednesday’s crash during the English Channel crossings, three people had died from the beginning of the year and four were missing. In 2020, six were lost this way, and three others were lost. There were four deaths in 2019, the Ministry of the Interior announced.

According to British services, 22,000 people traveled through the English Channel in the first 10 months of the year. migrants.

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