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After the presentation at the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs in Cannes, where it was received with enthusiasm by international critics, from 12 January it arrives in Italian cinemas with Teodora Film One Fine Morning (A beautiful morning). The film is directed by Mia Hansen-Løve who finally returns to shooting in her Paris with the complicity of an extraordinary Léa Seydoux, in one of the most intense and luminous roles of her career.

Un Bel Mattino – Plot and cast

The official plot: Sandra (Léa Seydoux) is a single mother who works as an interpreter and is facing a moment of great uncertainty in her life: her father is ill and less and less self-sufficient, while a chance meeting with an old friend, Clément (Melvil Poupaud ), soon turns into a passionate relationship. However, Clément is married and Sandra cannot abandon herself to this great love as she would like… Starting from the simplest daily gestures, Hansen-Løve explores the female soul with a rare sensitivity and signs a portrait of a woman that strikes her heart.

The cast of “Un Bel Mattino” also includes Pascal Greggory, Nicole Garcia, Camille Leban Martins, Sarah Le Picard, Pierre Meunier, Fejria Deliba, Jacqueline Hansen-Løve, Catherine Vinatier, Samuel Achache, Elsa Guedj.

A Beautiful Morning – Trailer and video

Director’s notes

The screenplay of “Un Bel Mattino” is partly inspired by my father’s illness. I started writing it at the end of 2019, while he was still alive. I was trying to make sense of what I was going through and wanted to explore how two opposing feelings, a sense of pain and a sense of rebirth linked to love, can converse when they are experienced at the same time. Even if unstable, what Sandra and Clément have together is above all a source of joy, while with her father it is only suffering: the two stories coexist. I was interested in finding a cinematic form to show this coexistence. Sandra and her father Georg share a common need for love. Even when Georg’s mind begins to go blank, he remains aware that he loves one person, his partner Leila. He misses her constantly and is afraid he will never see her again. Love is also vital for Sandra: her love for her daughter, for her father, and then for Clément, which will gain more and more weight. Putting love at the center of existence and accepting the vulnerability that comes with it, is perhaps also what continues to unite Georg and Sandra, when they can no longer communicate. One way or another, love connects the characters in the film. I wrote the character of Sandra with Léa Seydoux in mind. I found her amazing in her latest roles, but I wanted to show her in a new light, not just as an object of desire. Léa embodies – in a very powerful way – a certain sex appeal, a certain unconventional glamour… In her films, however, she almost seems to end up hidden by too many frills, make-up, clothes… Here, however, she is much simpler, both in appearance and in way of being. I wanted to strip her of her seductive attributes of her and film her with short hair, film her as her mother, in her everyday life, even while she is working. In the film she is not only considered a desirable woman, but a woman who observes and listens to others too and we see her watching and listening… This reversal has allowed us to get even closer to Léa’s profound character, to her mystery, to a hidden melancholy that moved me. [Mia Hansen-Løve]

Mia Hansen-Løve – Biographical notes

Born in 1981, she began her career as an actress at a very young age acting in Fin août, début septembre (1998) and Les destinées sentimentales (2000), both by Olivier Assayas, who would become her partner. After attending the Conservatoire d’Art Dramatique in Paris and serving for three years as a critic in the prestigious “Cahiers du Cinéma”, he directed several shorts (including the award-winning Après mûre réflexion), until his feature film debut at the age of just 26 with Tout est pardonné, which was nominated for a César and the Prix Louis Delluc for best first film. My Children’s Father (distributed in Italy by Teodora) is his second film, inspired by the legendary figure of the producer Humbert Balsan, and obtains the Special Jury Prize in the “Un Certain Regard” section of the Cannes Film Festival, as well as a Prix Lumière for the best screenplay. Presented at the latest Locarno Film Festival and received triumphantly by critics from across the Alps, A Young Love confirms her as one of the major talents of contemporary French cinema. In 2014 you filmed Eden, written together with her brother and dedicated to the French house music scene of the nineties, while in 2016 you won the Silver Bear in Berlin for directing Things to come, with Isabelle Huppert. After Maya (2018), with On Bergman’s Island he directs his first film in English and with a large international cast, presented in competition at the Cannes Film Festival 2021. A beautiful morning is his latest film, always applauded in Cannes in the Directors’ Fortnight, where it won the Europa Cinemas Label award given by exhibitors from all over the continent.

Un Bel Mattino – Photos and posters

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