Trans actress Hunter Schafer is Tigris, the star of the Hunger Games prequel

Hunter Schafer new entry in the Hunger Games saga

“Happy Hunger Games and may luck always be in your favor”: this short sentence is enough to make the readers of the writer Suzanne Collins crawl, from whose pen the dystopian trilogy was born and then adapted into four films with Jennifer Lawrence. The story, however, is far from over, in fact the writer wanted to tell in a prequel the events preceding the establishment of the Capitol City Hunger Games and precisely by investigating the childhood of one of the most ambiguous characters of the whole story. , Corionalus Snow, played on the big screen by Donald Sutherland. But there is more. The latest news is the new addition to the cast of the film, due out in November 2023: it is Hunter Schafer, the actress and trans model of the cult series Euphoria with Zendaya. But let’s go in order.

Hunter Schafer is Tigris

Hunter Schafer plays Tigris, the cousin of Snow, brilliant designer of the Games, who in the saga-mother had the face of Eugenie Bondurant. To give the face to Snow instead thinks Tom Blyth, 27 year old British just seen in The Gilded Age, while Lucy Gray Baird is played by Rachel Zegler, star not only of West Side Story but also of the next live-action version of Snow White.
The director of the film is Francis Lawrence, who directed three of the four films in the mother saga and also works as a producer on the project.

Go, Hunter!

Hunter Schafer is an LGBT + activist since she began her transition process. With 7 million and 300 thousand followers on Instagram (just three years ago she had a tenth), she was one of the iconic faces of the Miu Miu Tales of the Venice Film Festival and said she was involved as a consultant on transgender issues in the Euphoria series. Today, as a representative of civil rights, you are fighting for more spaces – in Hollywood as in reality – capable of guaranteeing the presence of all in absolute equality. Perfect in the role of Tigris, one eclectic, extravagant, creative and out of the box womani, will be one of the prequel’s most beloved characters.

Hunter Schafer, Prada fall winter 2022 2023

Daniele Venturelli


The Ballad of the Nightingale and the Serpent (Mondadori) is set 64 years before the events recounted in The Hunger Games, when Katniss, Peeta, Finnick and the other boys of the Districts were forced to go down to the Arena and fight against each other. just to survive. This time, however, everything happens long before their birth, when the dictatorship of the kingdom of Panem (now North America) began to take shape.

Snow is only 18 years old and tries to make his way in the world: orphan of his parents, he lives with his grandmother and his cousin Tigris (who appears in the chapter The song of the revolt of the saga-mother). To avoid poverty, he becomes a mentor in the Hunger Games, established ten years earlier after the destruction of District 13 to remind all areas of the kingdom that no one can rise up against the capital with impunity. Too bad that the tribute entrusted to him is the most disadvantaged of all, coming from District 12 (the same as Katniss and Peeta), Lucy Gray Baird.

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