Trial of Ciro Grillo, the mother Parvin Tadjk in the courtroom: «Violence in the house? I was next door and I didn’t hear anything strange “

The trial continues in which Ciro Grillo, son of the comedian and founder of the M5s Beppe, and three of his Genoese friends (Francesco Corsiglia, Edoardo Capitta and Vittorio Lauria), accused of sexual violence and group sexual violence against two girls for the events that would have occurred on the night between 16 and 17 July 2019 in the terraced house of the Grillo family, in Porto Cervo. Today, in the courtroom of Tempio Pausania, in the province of Sassari, Ciro’s mother was heard, Parvin Tadjk, who slept in the adjoining house that night. “I haven’t heard or seen anything out of the ordinary», Tadjk would have told the judges, during the trial which takes place behind closed doors, confirming the version of the facts that he had already shared with the investigators during the investigations. The woman then left the court without statements to reporters.

The other testimonials

During the hearing they were also heard eight other witnesses: the woman who took care of the cleaning, a neighbor, the managers of the bars where the two girls and the defendants would go before the evening to the Billionaire (and the following morning to buy cigarettes) and the staff of the pharmacy where one of the two would go after the alleged rape to buy the morning-after pill. Maria Cristina Stasiaa friend of Parvin Tadjk and a guest in the villa in Porto Cervo, confirmed to the judges that she had seen a girl in a bathrobe and with a turban towel on her head on the patio of the house where the boys were staying on the morning of July 17: “He smoked quietly, didn’t seem in trouble, and didn’t ask for helpHe would have said in the courtroom. Also the maid of the Grillo family confirmed that he had not seen anything out of the ordinary. According to what the defense lawyers report, the woman would have specified having seen the two girls drive away with two of their Genoese friends around 2.30 pm on July 17th. They were calm and showed no unease.

The prosecution’s comment

“In today’s testimonies they emerged numerous contradictions which we will contest, also with documentary production, in the next hearings. I cannot enter into the merits, but to say that they have not heard screams or that they do not remember seeing the boys does not matterHe commented at the end of the hearing Dario Romano, a civil lawyer who looks after the interests of one of the two alleged victims. Also because, he specified, “no one has ever talked about screams.” The statements of Ciro Grillo’s mother are in any case “protected” by the law: the code provides that the next relative of a defendant who testifying has made false statements to protect him is not punishable.

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