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Things have changed so much these days. We are busy with our daily lives. Games are the only source that can take you into a very different world. Get ready for such a video game, that can give you excitement; it is none other than Trine Enchanted Edition. It is an awesome video game, which will take you into a different world, full of action and thrillers. Trine Enchanted Edition is a good example of fantasy and action-based game.

You are about to be a part of a journey, where you need to save the kingdom from all the evil forces. Trine Enchanted Edition is a fantasy-based action game and it can threaten your virtual life at every step. This video game is full of challenges and you cannot ignore the blood-boiling puzzles. Frozenbyte has developed and publishes this amazing gameplay. On 2nd July 2009, Trine Enchanted Edition was released into the market and this game has gained all the attention.

Get ready to deal with skeletons, spiders, bats, and the evil bosses. In this adventurous journey, your character’s life is always at a stake of thread. The challenges might arise when; the deadly creatures have weapons in their hands. Save your character from unnoticed lava, fireballs, etc. Trine Enchanted Edition is based on a fictional tale about a forsaken and deserted kingdom. 
What is Trine Enchanted Edition?

The greediness among the people destroyed the land and that is when your journey starts. The main three characters are a part of a magical institution called Astral Academy; choose any one of them and enjoy the physics-based- action-based game. Use the powers and skills to solve the challenging puzzles and destroy the enemies.

The action is not enough to impress the gamers. Developers these days are, coming up with exacting features to play the games. Let’s have a look at the amazing features:
You can solve the puzzles by combining the skills and powers of the other characters. Teamwork and unity are very important, after all, we learn from each other. The tough situations only bring the best out of the players.
The more points you earn while playing Trine Enchanted Edition, the more you can upgrade the powers and skills of the game. You have to score the maximum by killing the enemies and collecting items. That is how you score and boost up.
How to play Trine Enchanted Edition?

Play Trine Enchanted Edition with up to three local payers. This game supports the participation of multiple players and teamwork. Each player has to control a single character and solve the puzzles to proceed.

Trine Enchanted Edition has three main characters: Zoya the thief, Amadeus the wizard, and Pontius the knight. You can choose any one of them and participate in the game. Each has distinct qualities and energy levels.

Features of Trine Enchanted Edition

Trine Enchanted Edition PC Game Download

Name Trine Enchanted Edition
Initial Release Date
2 July 2009
Platforms PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux
Composer Ari Pulkkinen
Developers Frozenbyte
Publisher Frozenbyte, Atlus, SouthPeak Games, Russobit-M, Nobilis, The Game Factory
Puzzle Video Game, Indie game, Action-adventure game, Shooter Video Game, Fighting game, Adventure
Category PC Games>Adventure

How To Download Trine Enchanted Edition PC Instructions

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