Troyes goalkeeper asks Neymar to say penalty corner to ‘proud family’; watch video

a chat between Jesus Moulin and Neymar in the 25th minute of the game between Paris Saint-Germain and Troyes before a penalty kick drew attention in the French Championship last Sunday. The Brazilian appeared smiling at the play and the attacker’s explanation was at least curious: he wanted to know the corner where the penalty would be taken in an appeal to “proud” his family when making the save.

The question that lingered after Moulin’s revelation is whether he really spoke the truth or whether he was trying to destabilize Neymar, with Troyes already losing 1-0 to Paris Saint-Germain in the Frenchman’s 36th round.

“I went to him and said: do you know that if I save the penalty, I will become a star?”, he revealed, explaining why the Brazilian laughed in the conversation there at the lime mark with the ball in his hands. “I asked, please tell me at least which side you’re going to hit. My mom, dad, brothers and wife are watching the game and I’d like them to be proud of me.”

The Brazilian from PSG seems not to have been moved by the appeal. “He told me to guess the corner,” Moulin continued. “I asked again. He didn’t want to say and I stayed in the middle, but he hit very well”, lamented the goalkeeper when he didn’t defend the kick. Neymar takes the penalty very well. He runs to the ball looking at the goalkeeper and waits for his movement to send the ball, of course, on the unchosen side.

Despite conceding two goals, including a penalty from Nerymar, Moulin saw Troyes react and seek a 2-2 draw at the Parc des Princes in Paris, adding an important point to open six of the playoffs against relegation. With 37, the team practically guaranteed itself in the French elite for the next season.

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