Trzaskowski in the American subcommittee: “I must confirm the negative phenomena in Poland”

Rafał Trzaskowski takes part in a hearing on … the state of democracy in Poland and Central Europe. The discussion takes place at the meeting of the Subcommittee on Foreign Affairs of the US House of Representatives for Europe, Energy, Environment and Cybernetics..

Initially, opposition politicians reported that Trzaskowski would be speaking in the American Congress. It soon turned out, however, that not in Congress, but in the subcommittee, and not in the United States, but in front of the computer. The meeting takes place remotely.

At yesterday’s press conference, Trzaskowski tried to convince that American congressmen are very concerned about the state of democracy in Poland and Hungary. As he indicated, before the hearing, he had a number of consultations, incl. with the Ombudsman, ambassadors, the Campaign Against Homophobia and organizations dealing with the judiciary.

Finally, on December 2, he spoke at a subcommittee meeting. His speech consisted basically only of an attack on Polish authorities. – I am sorry to confirm the negative phenomena taking place in my country – said Trzaskowski.

The mayor of Warsaw continued:

Regardless of what the populist government in Poland claims, knowledge of these events is common. The Constitutional Tribunal has been transformed into a politicized body that seals the government’s illegal actions. The government has unleashed a fierce media campaign against the LGBT community and tramples on women’s rights by proposing draconian anti-abortion law. Moreover, the Constitutional Tribunal has recently issued a very controversial judgment, undermining our membership in the EU. Polish public media has become a blunt instrument of the ruling party’s propaganda, which at the same time tries to limit the freedom of independent media.

He later said that “the populist government pushes NGOs out of schools because it wants to subordinate schools to its own ends, introducing its propaganda there.” – I am convinced that Poland will return as a strong, proud member of the transatlantic community – ended Trzaskowski.


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