Tv Programs Tonight Sunday 2 October 2022: Live movies not to be missed

Tonight on Rai 1 at 9.15 pm Mina Settembre 2 “A second chance” A few months after discovering that they are brother and sister, Gianluca and Mina (Serena Rossi, 37) are on vacation in Procida. Their serenity is interrupted by the news that Claudio was involved in an attack and was hospitalized. “Not all is well” follows.

Tonight on Rai 2 at 9.00 pm NCIS: Los Angeles “Spies and Lies” Callen (Chris O’Donnell, 52), Hanna (LL Cool J) and the rest of the team are desperate to find Kensi (Daniela Ruah). The woman was kidnapped and held captive by a mysterious group of militiamen while she was helping a group of migrants to cross the border.

Tonight on Rai Tre at 21.25 Secret cities After a few weeks off, the reruns of the program signed and conducted by Corrado Augias (87) are back. The journalist takes us to the most evocative places in the cities, immersed in a virtual studio, a sort of large “terrace” overlooking the city, between 3D objects and virtual maps.

Tonight on Rete 4 at 21.20 White area Exactly one week after the vote, political news is still more than ever at the center of attention, between the inevitably conflicting moods of politicians and the more or less balanced analyzes of what will soon happen. Giuseppe Brindisi (60) and his editorial team try to take stock.

Tonight on Canale 5 at 21.20 Seriously Also in the third episode of this edition Enrico Papi (57) presents many new jokes involving famous people, including Roberto Giacobbo, host of «Freedom – Oltre il confine». In addition, the so-called “live joke” is planned, made during the recording of the episode.

Tonight on Italia 1 at 9.30 pm Journey to the mysterious island Young Sean (Josh Hutcherson, 29) organizes an expedition to find his grandfather (Michael Caine), who disappeared while exploring a remote island. He is accompanied by adventurer Hank (Dwayne Johnson, 50), a weird helicopter pilot (Luis Guzman) and his daughter (Vanessa Hudgens).

Tonight on La 7 at 9.15pm IT IS NOT THE ARENA Massimo Giletti’s indiscreet gaze returns to rest on Italian politics, to comment with the usual polemical charge on the results of the electoral round. A glowing autumn awaits us? He talks about it in the studio.

Tonight on Tv 8 at 9.30 pm PAIN & GAIN – MUSCLES AND MONEY (Usa 2012) by Michael Bay with Mark Wahlberg Hoping to get rich, bodybuilders Daniel, Paul and Adrian kidnap Victor Kershaw, a wealthy businessman. But things do not go as they had foreseen and so …

Tonight on Nove at 21.25 THE FARMER LOOKS FOR WIFE Five single farmers get involved with the aim of finding a soul mate. Tonight every farmer meets a few suitors, but only three of them will remain in the game. At the helm of the program we find Gabriele Corsi.

Tonight on Mediaset 20 at 9.00 pm ACTS OF VIOLENCE (Usa 2018) by Brett Donowho with Bruce Willis, Cole Hauser Roman and his brothers, former soldiers, must track down his girlfriend, kidnapped by human traffickers. Roman also finds Avery, an incorruptible cop, as an ally.

Tonight on Rai 4 at 21.20 UNDER SIEGE (Usa 2020) with Isabel May A group of armed students raids a high school, shooting anyone who comes within range. Zoe, thanks to the survival techniques that her father taught her, manages to escape. But then she thinks about it …

Tonight on Iris at 21.00 SOBIBOR – THE GREAT ESCAPE (Russia / Ger. / Lithuania / Poland 2018) by and with Konstantin Konstantin Khabenskiy The Soviet officer Pechersky is imprisoned in the Sobibor extermination camp. The man has planned a mass escape, but things are different.

Tonight on Rai Movie at 21.10 GO BACK HOME, LASSIE! (Usa 1943) by Fred M. Wilcox Left without work, a worker is forced to sell Lassie, the dog his son is very fond of. Brought to Scotland by the new owner, the animal escapes and finds its way home.

Tonight on Italia 2 at 9.15 pm YOUNG SHELDON (1st st., Ep. 19) “Gluoni, gaucamole and the color purple” with Iain Armitage Tired of high school, Shledon would like to start taking the course once a week of Professor Sturgis, who teaches Theoretical Physics at East Texas Tech . 2 episodes follow

Tonight on La 5 at 21.10 WINDSTORM 5 – UNITED FOREVER (Ger. 2020) by Lea Schmidbauer with Luna Paiano A summer storm forces a circus to seek refuge in Ari’s stable. She offers to heal one of their old horses, but the circus director has other plans.

Tonight on Cine 34 at 9.00 pm THE SECOND FANTOZZI TRAGIC (It. 1976) by Luciano Salce with Paolo Villaggio Poor Fantozzi is experiencing another series of misadventures. After reviewing the director’s favorite film, Battleship Potemkin, for the umpteenth time, he also attempts suicide. But…

Tonight on Rai 5 at 9.15 pm PUPI AVATI, THE TABLE TELLS (It. 2021) Through some sequences of his films, Pupi Avati talks about the strong bond he has with the culinary tradition of his land, the Bolognese one, and the rituality of the table seen as a moment of aggregation.

Tonight on Rai Premium at 21.20 ARENA 60, 70, 80 E… 90 Last appointment with Amadeus and the most beautiful Italian and international songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. On stage, among others, the Country Cousins ​​with “Anima mia”, Los Locos with “Macarena” and Limahl with “Never ending story”.

Tonight on Real Time at 20.20 90 DAYS TO FALL IN LOVE: BEFORE 90 DAYS Gino fears that Jasmine is greedy and has a bad temper. Johnny’s family is worried that he is going to America; Alina wants Caleb to show commitment.

Tonight on Yellow at 21.10 VERA (11th st., Ep. 5) “Vital Signs” with Brenda Blethyn Vera must investigate a murder: a body is found in the trunk of a burnt car. When you are identified as that of an esteemed family doctor, murky secrets soon emerge …

Tonight on Top Crime at 21.10 COLOMBO (9th st., Ep. 2) “Someone deceived Lieutenant Colombo!” with Peter Falk Sir Harry Matthews is negotiating the purchase of a men’s magazine with Diane Hunter. But the woman suddenly disappears and Sir Harry is convinced that she has been killed. Colombo investigates.

Tonight on Sky Cine Uno at 9.15 pm HOT WAVE (Usa 2022) by Ernie Barbarash, with Kat Graham, Merritt Patterson Claire, a young career woman, falls in love with her boss’s charming wife. She will eventually find herself entangled in a web of evil from which she will have to defend herself.

Tonight on Sky Cinema due at 9.15 pm THE FATHER – PARIS HAS A NEW QUEEN (Fr./Belgio ’20) with Isabelle Huppert Patience, a Franco-Arab judicial interpreter, specializes in wiretapping for the Paris anti-drug team. But one day, to do a favor, she gets involved in a drug deal.

Tonight on Sky Cinema Family at 21.00 IL PICCOLO LORD (Usa 1980) with Alec Guinness, Rick Schrode, Connie Booth Late 19th century. An elderly British lord designates an American grandson as heir to his estate. The boy joins his grandfather, but other contenders for the title appear.

Tonight on Sky Cinema Action at 9.00 pm CLASH BETWEEN TITANS (Usa / GB 2010) by Louis Leterrier with Sam Worthington The adventures of Perseus: to try to save the beautiful princess Andromeda he is forced to face all kinds of feats and to face monstrous creatures…

Tonight on Sky Suspense at 21.00 47 METERS – GREAT WHITE (Usa ’21) with Katrina Bowden, Aaron Jakubenko Kaz and his friends’ trip turns into a nightmare when the aircraft they are traveling on crashes into the open sea. Surrounded by sharks, they must be able to reach the coast.

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