Tv programs Tonight Wednesday 30 November 2022: Live film not to be missed

Tonight on Rai 1 at 20.00 Poland-Argentina One of the most interesting matches in group C is being played at the 974 stadium in Doha. The Polish team, led by Czeslaw Michniewicz, relies on the inspiration of the goalscorer Robert Lewandonski to face Leo Messi and the other aces of the South American team, on whose bench he sits Lionel Scaloni.

Tonight on Rai 2 at 21.20 Ruby’s destiny Ruby (Raechelle Banno, 29) returns to her birthplace with little Pearl. Paul, happy to see her again, offers her to go and live in her family home. The girl, who is still in love with Beau, agrees for the child’s sake, but she faces hostility from Gladys, Paul’s mother.

Tonight on Rai Tre at 21.25 Who has seen it As always, Federica Sciarelli (64) has the task of managing the testimonies and contributions that arrive from viewers. In addition, updates on unsolved cases, such as that of Andreea Reabciuc, the 27-year-old of Romanian origin who disappeared from Jesi on 12 March last. The carabinieri have reopened the searches.

Tonight on Rete 4 at 21.20 Controcorrente Prime evening The new appointment with Veronica Gentili (40) and her editorial staff kicks off from studio 1 of the Safa Palatino Center in Rome. With her usual grit, the presenter deals with the current issues that dominate the front pages of the newspapers with the help of exclusive reports, investigative reports and numerous guests.

Tonight on Canale 5 at 21.20 The best of Zelig One week after the end of the show on the stage of the Arcimboldi Theater in Milan, we find Claudio Bisio (64) and Vanessa Incontrada (43) with the best of the three episodes and some unpublished sketches. We find, in addition to the historical protagonists, such as Ale and Franz and Maurizio Lastrico, also Federica Ferrero.

Tonight on Italia 1 at 21.20 The fury of the Titans A feat bordering on the impossible awaits Perseus (Sam Worthington, 46), son of Zeus (Liam Neeson). Ten years after defeating the monstrous Kraken, he must rescue his father, imprisoned by the Titans in Hades. He is joined by the warrior queen Andromeda (Rosamund Pike) and the demigod Agenor (Toby Kebbell).

Tonight on La 7 at 21.15 ATLANTIS Andrea Purgatori shares his great love for ancient and contemporary history with “his” viewers tonight as well. The versatile Roman journalist published the novel “Four small oysters” in 2019.

Tonight on TV 8 at 21.30 X FACTOR The moment of truth is approaching for the surviving competitors of the race conducted by Francesca Michielin. Let’s review the 5th episode clearly. The choice becomes increasingly difficult for the 4 judges Ambra Angiolini, Fedez, Rkomi and Dargen D’Amico.

Tonight on Nine at 21.25 THE POWER OF MONEY (USA / France 2013) by Robert Luketic with Liam Hemsworth In order not to be fired, the young and ambitious Adam is forced to suffer blackmail from his boss: he gets hired in a rival company to steal information…

Tonight on Mediaset 20 at 21.05 NO ESCAPE – COUP (USA ’15) by J. Erick Dowdle with Owen Wilson The US entrepreneur Jack Dwyer moves to Southeast Asia with his family for work. A few days later, however, the country is shocked by an armed revolt.

Tonight on Rai 4 at 21.20 THE ROOM – THE ROOM OF DESIRE (Fr. ’19) by C. Volckman with Olga Kurylenko After moving into a large abandoned house, a young couple, Kate and Matt, discover a secret room with the power to grant any wish. But soon…

Tonight on Iris at 21.00 THE HUNTER (USA 1978) by Michael Cimino with Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep When they leave to fight in Vietnam, three friends are captured by the Viet Cong, experience unspeakable horrors and then separate. One of them, back home, goes to look for the other two…

Tonight on Rai Movie at 21.10 THE DUCHESS (GB ’08) by Saul Dibb with Keira Knightley, Charlotte Rampling In 18th century England, Lady Spencer is forced to marry a duke much older than her, who is cheating on her. She consoles herself with fashion, politics and a young count.

Tonight on Italia 2 at 21.15 ONE PIECE (15th st., ep. 7) «Iena Bellamy a meeting wanted by fate» Bellamy tells Luffy that he no longer feels a grudge against him. Also he has lost his crew and wants to win the tournament to curry favor with Doflamingo. 2 episodes follow.

Tonight on La 5 at 21.10 CHRISTMAS AT BRAMBLE HOUSE (Can. 2017) with Autumn Reeser, David Haydn-Jones Finn decides to investigate incognito Willa, the former nurse to whom his father bequeathed a lot of money. But when he meets the woman, Finn changes his mind about her.

Tonight on Cine 34 at 21.00 WATER AND SOAP (It. 1983) by and with Carlo Verdone, Natasha Hovey Rolando, a graduate who gets by as a janitor, pretends to be a priest to be hired as tutor to a young American model, in Rome for a photo shoot…

Tonight on Rai 5 at 21.15 ART RIDER Rome is full of corners linked to female figures which, however, we do not pay attention to. To discover them it is necessary to observe with a different gaze. That’s what archaeologist Andrea Angelucci does in the last appointment of the program.

Tonight on Rai Premium at 21.20 THE SHIP OF DREAMS – COLOMBIA with Lucas Bauer Eric Sommer wants to board the ship, but has no intention of paying. He thus manages to sneak in as an illegal immigrant: however, he does not escape Ella, a medical student, who reports him to Captain Parger.

Tonight on Real Time at 21.20 MARRIAGE AT FIRST SIGHT ITALY «Living together» Couples are grappling with coexistence: between ups and downs, knowledge becomes deeper and deeper. There is no shortage of help from the sociologist Mario Abis, who provides the keys to understanding each other.

Tonight on Yellow at 21.10 MURDERS IN SANDHAMN (14th st.) «Angelica» with NC Broch Alexander and Stenmark arrest a thief, Sylvester, in the middle of a break-in. During the interrogation, he refuses to say a word, until he is allowed to speak with the prosecutor in charge of the investigation Nora.

Tonight on Top Crime at 21.10 FBI: MOST WANTED (1st st., ep. 11) «Veritas ante omnia» with Julian McMahon Agent Clark claims he is the victim of a conspiracy and begins to take revenge on those he holds responsible. La Croix wants to see clearly. Follows ep. 12. “Dangerous friendship”

Tonight on Sky Cinema Uno at 21.15 ROBIN HOOD (USA/GB ’10) by Ridley Scott with Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett King Robin Hood’s archer returns from the third crusade and finds England held in check by the French and devastated by the constant harassment of the perfidious King John. So…

Tonight on Sky Cinema Due at 21.15 TO LIFE (It./Fr. 2022) with Riccardo Scamarcio Twenty-year-old Eshter, an Orthodox Jew, meets Elio, a gallery owner who took over the company after his father’s death. A bond is born between the two that will help them understand the importance of freedom…

Tonight on Sky Cinema Family at 21.00 REMI (France 2018) with Maleaume Paquin Remi, a 10-year-old orphan, is entrusted to Vitalis, a street musician who performs around France with his faithful dog Capi and the monkey Joli-Coeur. During the journey Remi will discover his origins.

Tonight on Sky Cinema Action at 21.00 TIMECOP – INVESTIGATION FROM THE FUTURE (USA 1994) with Jean-Claude Van Damme In a science fiction future, the agent Max Walker goes back in time to foil the plots of a politician. But changing the past won’t be exactly easy…

Tonight on Sky Cinema Suspense at 21.00 NO SUDDEN MOVE (USA 2021) by Steven Soderbergh with Benicio Del Toro 1950s, Detroit. Ronald, Curt and Charley, three thugs, are hired to force a General Motors employee to steal a company document. But the plan gets complicated.

Tonight on Sky Uno at 21.15 X FACTOR – THE ROAD TO X FACTOR The tension between the competitors increases in view of the semi-final which will be staged tomorrow evening. Ambra Angiolini, D’Argen D’Amico, Fedez and Rkomi support their singers following the last rehearsals.

Tonight on Sky Atlantic at 21.15 TABOO (1st st., ep. 3) with Tom Hardy, Jessie Buckley James Delaney seeks allies to reclaim what he has inherited. But the India Company, allied with Salomon Coop, involves Lorna, his father’s widow, in his plans. Episode 4 to follow.

Tonight on Sky Serie ale 21.15 MONARCH – MUSIC IS A FAMILY AFFAIR (1st st., ep. 3) with Anna Friel Nicky is preparing to perform at a country music concert when she learns of Clive’s affair. Meanwhile, Catt celebrates Ana’s signing with Monarch. Follows ep. 4.

Tonight on Sky Investigation at 21.15 BULL (6th st., ep. 5) “King Bull” with Michael Weatherly Fearing that recent legal troubles could negatively affect the defense of a business magnate, the TAC asks Bull to step aside. Following ep. 6 «The guardian angel».

Tonight on Sky Documentaries at 21.15 MONDIALI 2006 – DESTINO AZZURRO In the semifinals, at the end of a long game, Fabio Grosso and Alessandro Del Piero score the decisive goals against the German national team. In Duisburg, the Azzurri are welcomed with open arms.

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