Twitch has a big problem with pedophilia, according to a new investigation –

Bloomberg published an investigation destined to be discussed, which concerns the big problems of pedophilia that plague Twitchagainst which the Amazon platform is doing practically nothing concrete.

The newspaper reporters analyzed thousands of accounts who systematically link to children’s or pre-teen live streams. There are more than 279,000 accounts, an enormousness that makes the size of the phenomenon well.

Twitch has a big problem with pedophilia

Twitch has a big problem with pedophilia

Twitch does not ban streaming to pre-teens and, often, also to children, who flock to the platform every day by doing all sorts of live shows. Thus a real one was formed pedophile network that continuously identifies, classifies and follows very young streamers, using the chat to push them to communicate outside the platform and to show their homes, with details that can allow them to be identified.

They manipulate, threaten and even blackmail children who are sometimes eight years of age. Bloomberg found that this happens on a regular basis and that you don’t even have to try too hard to find them.

As already mentioned, the main problem is that Twitch does nothing to counter the phenomenon and, indeed, to maximize profits it does not introduce forms of control that are standard on other social platforms such as YouTube-Live, TikTok-Live and Facebook-Gaming. . For example, it does not require having an account with a minimum of followers to do live from mobile devices, a rule expressly designed to avoid certain situations. Unlike YouTube, anyone on Twitch can create a new account (often even skipping email or phone verification) and start streaming. The little ones know this and exploit it all the time, bypassing bans and other completely ineffective measures.

Furthermore, according to the investigation, Twitch has not developed a Trust & Safety department adequate to the exponential growth of the platform in recent years, with the system prioritizing mass reports and not checking individual ones, even if linked to keywords such as ” pre-adolescents “,” children “or similar. The result is that predatory acts towards minors happen pretty much every day and there is no way to get the attention of moderation using the tools provided by Twitch.

Bloomberg specifically tells what happened during a live stream: it was the end of May and a viewer asked a minor to pull off her panties. She refused saying she wouldn’t do it because they had already suspended one of her three accounts. The viewer, who turned out to be essentially following girls on Twitch, replied that even if she were, he could easily get an account back. Later, the little girl pulled up her shirt.

In short, the situation is really serious and as usual Twitch appears sloth in front of certain issues, against which he does nothing until public complaints and official protests arrive.

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