TY the Tasmanian Tiger

TY the Tasmanian Tiger has achieved the goal for the Nintendo Switch version on Kickstarter, now the remake of the 3D action platform of the early 2000s points to PS4 and Xbox One.

Perhaps not everyone will remember the old TY the Tasmanian Tiger, but apparently, the title is about to return with a completely new version, a remaster whose project has reached an important milestone on Kickstarter

The fundraising campaign on Kickstarter for TY the Tasmanian Tiger has in fact reached the milestone of $ 50,000, required by the developers to create the Nintendo Switch version, which at this point should be secured, barring unforeseen circumstances. The goal now moves to PS4 and Xbox One versions, that with the stretch goal set at $ 150,000 and another 13 days in front of the campaign are not unattainable. 

TY the Tasmanian Tiger is officially a remaster of the original, even if the work is done is intense, so much to bring it closer to a sort of remake. For those not familiar, the original was released in 2002 on Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox and was a 3D action platformer on a Tasmanian tiger engaged in exploring various environments and fighting various threats. At this point, we are waiting to see how the Kickstarter campaign will end to get some ideas about the future of the project.

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