Tyler Perry’s ‘A Jazzman’s Blues’ coming to Netflix

A Jazzman’s Blues is the new film of the platform Netflix from Tyler Perry.

Some information on A Jazzman’s Blues on Netflix

An overwhelming story of forbidden love, A Jazzman’s Blues unveils forty years of secrets and lies accompanied by the blues juke joint in the deep south. Written, directed and produced by the Academy Award winner Tyler Perrythe film features an original song performed by Ruth B.songs arranged and produced by the multi-Grammy winner and two-time Oscar nominee Terence Blanchardmusic by Aaron Zigman and choreography by Debbie Allen.

The synopsis

A Jazzman’s Blues is set in the post-WWII south, where a young black jazz singer leaves his rural city in search of fame.

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The film and timeline will run from 1937 to 1987 and delve into the characters’ past, present and future, resulting in a very interesting narrative. Here is the official logline of the film:

Set from 1937 to 1987, an unsolved murder investigation uncovers a story filled with forbidden love, deceit and a secret that has been kept under wraps for 40 years.

The cast of A Jazzman’s Blues on Netflix

In March 2021, the relative newcomersJoshua Boone (Wheels, Premature) And Solea Pfeiffer (The Good Fight, Curb Your Enthusiasm) would be chosen for the main roles.

Originally, in 1995, Tyler Perry intended the film to be played by Will Smith, Halle Berry, Diana Ross And Well Kingsley. She commented on this in a recent interview:

I got older because the characters are all twenty. So I’m looking for that new talent, brand new faces who are committed to the craft and who are amazing actors to play these roles.

Cr: Jace Downs / NETFLIX

Here are the other cast members:

Ryan Eggold (BlacKkKlansman) Milauna Jackson (Dexter) E. Roger Mitchell in the role of Buster (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) Amirah Vann (Underground) Lauren Buglioli (The Oval) Brent Antonello (SWAT) Austin Scott in the role of Willie Earl (Poses) Cody Pressley in the role of Mr. Lincoln (The First Lady).

The words of the author

After their first successful collaboration in A Fall from Grace, Tyler Perry And Netflix continue their collaboration with another ambitious feature film: A Jazzman’s Blues. The film is a favorite project of Perry and it was the first script I ever wrote 26 years ago. After trying to make it for two decades, she has finally found it in Netflix the perfect partners for production.

I’ve waited a quarter of a century to tell this story, and now is the perfect time and Netflix is the perfect partner. This is my work of love; what I want to do more than anything else.

The trailer

The film will be released on September 23 on the platform. Below is the trailer:

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