UEFA Champions League. Atletico Madrid – AC Milan. The goal in the end decided

Neither Madrid nor Milan are doing this year’s Champions League the way their fans would like. At the start of Matchday 5, Atletico had four points and Milan had just one. Liverpool’s first (all wins) was out of reach, but interestingly, second place was taken by the lower-ranked FC Porto.

The direct meeting of Atletico against AC Milan was therefore crucial in the context of maintaining the chances of promotion to the knockout stage. Italians had to win to prolong their hopes. The Spanish were satisfied with a draw, but they had to count on Liverpool to win against “Dragons”

It started out promising. Already in the second minute, Luis Suarez knocked the ball under the feet of Yannick Ferreira-Carrassco, who in his style moved offensively on the left side. He then hit the ground in the penalty area, where Rodrigo De Paul waited for the ball. The Argentinean strike was strong, but Ciprian Tatarusanu dealt with it. A moment later Brahim Diaz replied. The Spaniard presented a sample of his technical abilities, maneuvering between the Atletico defenders. Milan’s quarterback decided to finalize the action himself and it was not the best decision – the shot turned out to be weak and inaccurate.

The dynamic beginning of the match aroused the appetite, but unfortunately the farther into the first half, the less smooth the game was, and there were more fouls, inaccuracies and boring exchanges of passes in the middle of the field. The game needed a goal to come alive again. At the end of the first half, the guests from Italy were closer to the hit. Atletico – initially quite offensive – adopted a defensive tactic and waited for counterattacks.

Around the 60th minute of the match, the game sped up for a moment. The players of both teams gave the impression that they had just found out what the stake was and that the loser would significantly reduce his chances of leaving the group. We watched the offensive outbursts of Kessi, Diaz and Ferreira-Carrassco, respectively. Moments later, both coaches decided to make changes in their teams. Diego Simeone pulled Lemar and Hermoso off the pitch and replaced them with Correa and Lodi. Stefano Pioli, in turn, decided to cast as many as four castles within two minutes. Tonali, Giroud, Krunić and Kalulu left the field, and Bakayoko, Ibrahimović, Messias and Florenzi appeared on it.

In the 72nd minute, AC Milan’s substitutes were close to scoring a goal for their team. Ibrahimović played perpendicular to Messias, who centered in the box to Bakayoko. The French fired a shot, but it was blocked by Atletico’s defense.

Who will get the “Golden Ball” – CHECK!

In the 87th minute, Milan conducted perhaps the best action of this match. Kessie found himself on the left wing, from which he crossed the ball directly into the head of Junior Messias. The substitute struck from the air and defeated Jan Oblak.

With this goal, Milan prolonged its hopes of staying in the Champions League. In the event of a tie, the Italian team would have to say goodbye to the tournament. However, Messias has left the Milanese now four points – equal to Atletico Madrid. The question of advancing to the 1/8 finals will therefore be decided in the last series of games. Atletico Madrid and FC Porto are still in the fight for the knockout stage. Liverpool are already confident in their first place in the group.

Jakub Żelepień, Interia

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