UK: Significant increase in Omicron infections possible in Scotland

It was reported on Friday that the number of infections found with the new virus variant had risen to 29 in Scotland, up from 13. the previous day’s number was 13. Six of the 16 new infections have been linked to a concert by pop group Steps on November 22 in Glasgow. Most of the infections so far have been related to one private event, but as Sturgeon pointed out, there are now several independent transmission sources of the Omikron variant.

– The number of Omikron variant cases currently reported in Scotland is increasing and the cases are no longer related to one event but to several different sources. Given the nature of the broadcast, we expect to see an increase in cases, perhaps significant, in the days ahead, Sturgeon said.

The Scottish government ensures that the risk for people who attended the concert is low, and the contact detection system employees identify people who may have come into contact with the new variant. It was explained that none of the concert attendees need to go to quarantine, unless asked to do so by the contact detection team or if they had symptoms.

It was also reported on Friday that 2,432 coronavirus infections were detected in Scotland over the past 24 hours and 16 deaths from Covid-19 were reported. In both cases, these numbers are close to the average from the last weeks.


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