Ukraine, missiles over Kharkiv. Kherson surrounded. Russian military vehicles to Kiev

It is a truce, but the siege continues. Kharkiv is under attack again this morning. Russian forces have arrived at the gates of Kherson in the south of the country, says the mayor of the city. The sirens sound in these hours in various Ukrainian cities: writes the Kyiv Independent, quoted by the Guardian, according to which the alarm went off in Rivne, west of Kiev, Ternopil, Vinnytsia and Volyn.

Kiev under siege

Ukrainians denounce increasingly heavy air strikes immediately after the negotiations, while the Russian military convoy at the gates of the Ukrainian capital it is now over 64 km long. Kiev prepares for the siege. The mayor of the capital speaks of a “non-stop” attack by Moscow troops.

Missiles over Kharkiv

TO Kharkiv, televised images, relaunched on social media, today show a massive explosion after what could be a missile or a bomb detonated at a building that the ‘Kyiv Independent’ newspaper identifies as the seat of the regional government. The target of the attack would have been the governor. Kharkiv is undergoing a bombing that does not spare administrative buildings, and some residential buildings in the city center. Videos of the destruction following this morning’s attack on the second largest city in Ukraine with 1.6 million inhabitants, already the scene of heavy bombing in recent days, begin to circulate. In particular, images of the central ‘Piazza della Libert√†’ covered in debris are published on social media after a missile reached the regional government headquarters. But the explosion was so powerful that it also caused damage to buildings tens of meters away from the government headquarters. Rubble piled up along the roads. The area is deserted: residents had been alerted by sirens before the attack. The head of the regional government, Oleg Synegubov, confirmed the attack stating that Russian forces fired Grad and Cruise missiles at the city center but that it held up. “Attacks of this kind are genocide against the Ukrainian people, war crimes against the civilian population,” Synegubov said in the Guardian.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba renews his call for greater international sanctions against Russia in a tweet in which he calls the new attack launched today in the center of Kharkiv “barbaric” and shares images of the destruction in the central ‘Freedom Square’ . Meanwhile, the Ukrainian emergency services – CNN reports, citing a post on Telegram – let it be known that at the moment there are six injured in the attack, including a child.

Kherson surrounded

The city of Kherson, located in southern Ukraine, was almost completely surrounded by Russian troops. This was reported by the Kyiv Independent, citing what was reported by a journalist. “The city is practically surrounded, there are many Russian soldiers and Russian equipment on all sides, they have placed checkpoints at all exits,” the reporter told Ukraine 24 TV.

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