Ukraine, President Zelensky removes the heads of the secret service (Sbu) in Kiev and two other cities

A little less than a month ago the Ukrainian president had removed the head of security Ivan Bakanov, yesterday the news arrived – reported by Kiev independent – that Volodymyr Zelensky has signed the decrees with which the heads of the Sbu (the secret service) are removed in Kiev and in the regions of the capital, Lviv and Ternopil. According to the decrees published on the presidency website, Serhiy Zayats lost the post of head of the main directorate of services in the Kiev region, Yuriy Boreichuk was dismissed from the post of head of the main SBU leadership in the Ternopil region, while Artem Bondarenko he was moved from the post of head of the intelligence directorate in the Lviv region to that of head of the directorate.

A month ago, however, Bakanov was removed as Attorney General and head of the Security Service of Ukraine. The high security officer, a personal friend of the president – had lost his post in accordance with “Article 47 of the disciplinary statute of the Ukrainian armed forces”, which speaks of “Failure to carry out service tasks, which have led to human victims or other serious consequences, or created a threat. “To date, 651 criminal cases have been recorded regarding high treason and collaborative activities of prosecutor employees, and other bodies”, Zelensky said in a video speech in the evening, specifying that “in 198 criminal proceedings, the persons concerned have been accused “. In particular, more than 60 employees of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Sbu security service remained in the occupied territory and are working against our country, Zelensky noted. “Such a series of crimes against the country’s national security foundations and the links that have been uncovered between employees of Ukraine’s security agencies and Russia’s special services raise very serious questions for the leaders concerned. Each of these questions will have an adequate answer ”, concluded the president.

With another decree the president had removed Iryna Venediktova from the post of Attorney General and had entrusted the functions of Attorney General to the Deputy Attorney General Oleksiy Symonenko. The premier’s suspicions began months ago, in early March, when the Russians managed to take the city of Kherson, in southern Ukraine. A blow that Moscow could not have landed if the bridge over the river that rises from the Valdaj plateau in Western Russia had been blown up. Which did not happen, despite the orders of Zelensky himself. In May, however, she was “fired” Lyudmila Denisovathe commissioner for human rights of the Verkhovna Rada (the parliament of Kiev) with a vote of the parliamentarians, “accused” of focusing all attention on sexual violence.

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