Ukraine, pro-Putin actor Steven Seagal is in the Donbass for a documentary. And accuses Zelensky of «war crimes» – The video

Had it been one of his martial arts films, perhaps the most appropriate title would have been a mix of The Foreigner (The stranger, 2003) e Out of Reach (Out of range, 2004). Instead, Steven Seagal flew to Ukraine to shoot a documentary. As special representative for Russia for humanitarian relations with the United States, the Michigan-born actor with Serbian and Russian citizenship has been in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic for a few days. As written by the head of the Moscow office of the Financial Times, Max SeddonSeagal visited the rubble of the Olenivka prison blown up by the Russians, according to the Ukrainians, and vice versa in late July.

The star and the tsar

“Steven noted that 98% of those who talk about the conflict in the media have never been here,” he said Denis Pushilinleader of Donetsk and for this reason he decided to shoot his documentary on war in the Donbass. Defined by some old colleagues as “the worst actor in the world” and winner of two Razzie Awards (the opposite of the Oscars) different, one as the worst leading actor and the other as the worst director, Seagal is allegedly interviewing some of the prisoners still held in that prison after at least 50 people have died and 70 others injured.

The Hollywood star, who for a long time lives permanently in Russia and who had also participated in the celebrations of President Vladimir Putin’s 70th birthday, he openly accused Volodymyr Zelensky of being “involved in war crimes»In an interview published by the pro-Russian journalist and TV presenter Vladimir Solovyev. According to Seagal, the Ukrainian prime minister allegedly attacked that prison because the prisoners were confessing torture and atrocities of all kinds committed by Zelensky and his army: “Here because launched those missiles. ‘

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