Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today. Biden: “Puti doesn’t joke about the nuclear threat”

“For the first time since the missile crisis in Cuba there is the threat of a nuclear ‘Armageddon'”, said US President Joe Biden: “It is the fault of a person I know quite well, his name is Vladimir Putin. I spent some time there together, “he said. Meanwhile, the Kiev army continues to advance in the direction of the southern city of Kherson, one of the territories annexed by Putin following last week’s referendum and whose results are not recognized by the rest of the world.

War in Ukraine, global tensions: what you need to know

Live news from the Ukraine-Russia conflict

Nobel Peace Prize to Bialiatski, Memorial and Center for Civil Liberties

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the Belarusian activist Ales Bialiatski, the Russian human rights organization Memorial and the Ukrainian human rights association Center for Civil Liberties.

Erdogan calls Putin: “Conflict harmful to all”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had an interview with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, the second in 9 days, during which the two talked about the latest developments regarding the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Erdogan, according to what is reported by Turkish sources, reiterated that Turkey is ready for mediation between Russia and Ukraine, reiterated that the war “harms everyone” and hopes that Kiev and Moscow will find a meeting point that will allow them to reach a solution for the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, which has been in the balance for weeks and to put an end to the conflict.


Lavrov: Kiev policy increases the risk of weapons of mass destruction

Kiev’s policy is aimed at increasing the risk of weapons of mass destruction being used. This was stated by the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov. “We cannot remain silent on the discussions on the subject of the possible use of nuclear weapons, which have recently intensified. In particular, we cannot remain silent on the reckless actions of the Kiev regime aimed at creating the risk of using various weapons of mass destruction”.


Orthodox Patriarch Kirill to Putin: “God gave you power”

“God has put you in power so that you can perform a service of special importance and great responsibility for the fate of the country and of the people entrusted to your care”: with these words the Russian patriarch Kirill he congratulated Russian President Vladimir Putin on his 70th birthday. In a letter sent to the entire priestly community, the patriarch ordered the religious to pray for two days in honor of the Kremlin leader.


Lavrov: “With the nuclear issue, the US wants to intimidate the international community”

The “United States” and its “vassals” want to “intimidate the international community” by claiming that Russia is ready for a nuclear attack. The Russian Foreign Minister said so Sergey Lavrov, quoted by Tass. “Our military doctrine and the foundations of state policy on the field of nuclear deterrence remain unchanged. The attempts by Washington and its vassals to distort this reality, to distort our position, are aimed at intimidating the international community and coercing its side. sensitive to following a failed path of reckless support in Kiev, “Lavrov said.

Borrell: “I will propose new tranche for EU military aid to Kiev”

“I will ask the leaders to support the proposal for a new tranche” of funding under the European Peace Facility “to continue to militarily support Ukraine and also for a training mission. I hope that at the next Foreign Affairs Council we will have the proposal. “. The EU High Representative for Foreign Policy said so Josep Borrell arriving at the Prague Castle.


Metsola: “Send heavy weapons and tanks to Ukraine”

“Ukraine needs heavy weapons and tanks. Member States can provide” the weapons “as Russia has implemented a new escalation to its invasion making it more desperate and we must respond in a proportionate manner”. The president of the European Parliament said so Roberta Metsola talking to reporters before the informal Prague summit.


Kiev: Russian soldiers surrender, we guarantee life and safety

Ukraine will guarantee “life” and “safety” to the Russian soldiers who surrender. This was stated in a video message directed to the Moscow army, the Defense Minister of Kiev, Oleksyi Reznikovas reported Ukrainska Pravda. “We guarantee the life and safety of all those who give up fighting,” said Reznikov. “You can still save Russia from this tragedy, and the Russian army from humiliation,” he added.

United Kingdom: Half of Kiev’s tanks are captured Russian vehicles

“The captured and repurposed Russian equipment now constitutes a large part of the Ukrainian military equipment.” The British Ministry of Defense in his daily update of the situation on the ground, reporting that “Ukraine has probably captured at least 440 Russian tanks and around 650 other armored vehicles”. “More than half of the tank fleet currently deployed in Ukraine is potentially made up of captured vehicles,” the London 007s point out.

Kiev: 3 Russian ammunition depots hit, 105 soldiers killed

Ukrainian forces yesterday destroyed three Russian ammunition depots in southern Ukraine and killed 105 soldiers of the Moscow army, the Southern Operational Command said, according to reports. Kyiv Independent. Kiev soldiers also destroyed eight Russian tanks, 18 Msta-S and Msta-B howitzers, a piece of Pion self-propelled artillery, a 152 mm howitzer, four mortars and 15 armored vehicles. Finally, six Orlan-10 drones, three Shahed-136 drones and one Mohajer-6 drone were shot down, the Command said.

Police: Kharkiv found bodies of 534 civilians killed

After the retreat of Russian troops, the bodies of 534 civilians killed, including 19 children, were found in the Kharkiv region. This was reported by Serhiy Bolvinov, a leader of the local police. The toll included 447 bodies found in Izium, he added, noting that investigators found evidence from 22 ‘torture chambers’.

Russia attacks Zaporizhzhia with kamikaze drones

The Russian armed forces launched an attack on the city of Zaporizhzhia in the night using kamikaze drones. The governor of Zaporizhzhia Oblast, Oleksandr Starukh, reported on Telegram. The Shahed-136 drones hit and damaged infrastructure in two districts of the Ukrainian town. One person was injured in the attack.

North Korea: Kim’s greeting message to Putin for 70th birthday

The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un sent a message of good wishes to Vladimir Putin on the occasion of the 70th birthday of the Russian president, praising Putin’s “exceptional” leadership and “strong will”, as well as his campaign in Ukraine. In the message, published by the state news agency Kcna, Kim praised Putin’s “remarkable achievements” in “realizing the ambitious strategic goal of building a powerful Russia by carrying out energetic activities in his long term as head of state.” This made him a leader “respected and strongly supported by broad masses,” said Kim, who covertly supported Putin in the war in Ukraine initiated by Russia.

Blinken, ready to seek a diplomatic solution

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said his country was “ready” to seek a diplomatic solution with Russia on the conflict in Ukraine, but regretted that Moscow was going “in the opposite direction”. “When Russia seriously demonstrates its willingness to take the path of dialogue, we will be ready. We will be there,” Blinken said at a press conference in Lima, where he is on an official visit. However, the head of US diplomacy assured that “unfortunately, at the moment, everything points in the opposite direction”. Blinken cited the mobilization of reservists, the attempted annexation of Ukrainian territory and the nuclear threats of Russian President Vladimir Putin as examples. “The fact is that Russia and President Putin have shown no interest in diplomacy,” he chided him.
However, he said that both the United States and Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelensky have long said that the war “can only be resolved through diplomacy”.

Biden: “There is the threat of a nuclear apocalypse, Putin is not joking”

US President Joe Biden stated that the world risks nuclear “Armageddon” for the first time since the Cold War and that it is trying to find the “escape route” of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “We haven’t faced the Armageddon perspective since Kennedy and the Cuban missile crisis in 1962. It’s the fault of a person I know quite well, his name is Vladimir Putin. I spent some time together. Biden said during a Democratic Party fundraising event in New York. Putin “doesn’t joke” when he threatens to use nuclear weapons, and “we are trying to figure out what Putin’s escape route is. Where does he find a way out?”.


Zelensky, the day will come for the liberation of Crimea

“The day will surely come when we will also report military successes in the Zaporizhzhia region, in those areas that are still controlled by the Russians. The day will come when we will also talk about the liberation of Crimea. This prospect is obvious.” The president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said this in his usual video message, announcing – as reported by the UNIAN agency – that since 1 October over 500 square kilometers of territory and dozens of settlements have been liberated in the Kherson region. “There is still a lot to endure, a lot to do, both for the Ukrainians and for our partners, for all those who value freedom and international law,” he added.

The death toll in the Zaporizhizhia missile attack rises to 7

The death toll from Thursday’s Russian missile attacks in the city of Zaporizhizhia has risen to seven, while another five people are missing, according to Ukrainian sources. This was reported this evening by the head of the regional military administration of Zaporizhizhia, Oleksandr Starukh, in a statement published on Telegram and by the news agency Ukrinform. According to the military officer, the dismantling of the debris caused by the missiles is continuing “and then it will be possible to establish the exact number of dead and wounded”.

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