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The news of Thursday 6 October, live,

• The war in Ukraine has reached its 225th day.
• According to US intelligence, the Ukrainian government is behind the murder of Darya Dugina, daughter of Alexander Dugin, the ideologue behind Vladimir Putin’s ultra-nationalist policies.
• The war of images in Ukraine: Kadyrov at the front, the armed European premieres.
• The Kiev army advances into the Kherson area. In the Russian media the first cracks on the yield.
• Gas, is Italy in danger of a winter without energy? Demand, storage, supplies: what to know.

08:04 – Kiev: the autumn advance against Russian forces continues

Ukraine today claimed the continuation of its advance in the “autumn offensive” in the south and east of the country at the expense of Russian forces. Oleksyi Reznikov, the Kiev defense minister, wrote in a tweet: While the ‘Russian parliament’ intoxicated by futile attempts at annexation, our soldiers continue to advance. This is the best answer to each and every “referenda”, decrees, treaties and pathetic speeches. According to President Volodymyr Zelenski, Ukrainian forces have produced a rapid advance in the past week by taking back dozens of villages in the Russian-occupied region.

08:01 am – Russian kamikaze drones over Odessa and Mykolaiv regions

Ukrainian air defense units shot down six Russian kamikaze drones (out of a total of 12) that had attacked the regions of Odessa and Mykolaiv in the night: the southern operational command of Kiev has announced, according to reports Ukrinform. During the night attack by kamikaze drones in the Odessa and Mykolaiv regions, according to preliminary data, six drones were shot down by the air defense forces, the Command reported, stressing that the enemy has intensified aerial reconnaissance.

06:30 – Russian missiles on Zaporizhzhia, infrastructure and residential buildings hit

The Russian army launched a missile attack on the city of Zaporizhzhia (south) this morning, hitting infrastructure and residential buildings: the head of the regional military administration, Oleksandr Starukh, said the news, according to Ukrinform. The occupier attacked the regional center with missiles. The enemy’s targets were infrastructure, Starukh wrote on Telegram, adding that several explosions were heard and residential buildings were destroyed in the city. As a result of the enemy attacks – he pointed out – fires broke out … The exact number of victims is not yet known.

05:49 – Kiev, two tortured civilians found bodies, handcuffed together

The bodies of two men, aged between 30 and 35, were found by the Ukrainian police in the village of Novoplatonivka, in the eastern region of Kharkiv, freed in recent days by the forces of Kiev: their hands were tied together with handcuffs. they had gunshot wounds to the head, were dressed in civilian clothes. The bodies were discovered in a sand pit four meters deep. UNIAN reports it. Ukrainian media have published pictures of the place of the find. According to the police, 250-350 Russian special forces were stationed in the village. Their rotation took place periodically. Employees of the investigation and operations teams collected evidence, police said.

05:38 am – The European Political Community Summit begins

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is currently overseeing a counter-offensive against Moscow forces, will connect via video link from Kiev. His prime minister will replace him in the talks. Europe is facing its biggest crisis since the Second World War. And we faced it together with unity and determination, British Prime Minister Liz Truss will tell his fellow leaders. We must continue to stand firm, to ensure that Ukraine wins this war, but also to address the strategic challenges it has exposed. Despite the rhetoric, few concrete results are expected from the summit. France said it hopes to define a potential space for cooperation between leaders on the protection of critical European infrastructure such as gas pipelines, cybersecurity and energy supplies. EU officials expect to agree to hold a community follow-up meeting in six months in a country outside the bloc, with Britain and Moldova both offering to host.

04:12 – Russian bombs on Khariv. A fire breaks out, no casualties

Russian forces struck an infrastructure in the Osnovyanskyi district of Kharkiv (north-east) overnight, according to the Kyiv Independent, the mayor of the city, Ihor Terekhov. A fire broke out on the site, added Terekhov, stressing that at the moment there is no news of injuries or victims.

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