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Since the beginning of November, the American authorities have been speaking in an alarmist tone about the activity of Russian troops along the border with Ukraine. The first warnings appeared on October 30 in the Washington Post. American diplomats also warned their NATO allies of the danger. A dialogue with Moscow was also established. Russia is the inspirer. border.

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Reznikov: Russia has amassed 94,000 soldiers at the border

Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov informed that there were 41 Russian tactical battalion groups near the borders of Ukraine and Crimea. 33 of them are stationed there permanently. – Russia has gathered 94,000 soldiers at the border and in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine – he said. The military stressed that these forces could be used for a possible offensive. It will be possible – as he stated – at the end of January. The minister added that Ukraine was ready to repel the attack.

His words were confirmed by the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dmytro Kuleba, reports the Radio Information Agency. As he said, the Russian operation will take place “probably at the end of January” next year. Minister Kuleba was also asked about Ukraine’s membership in NATO. As he said, “the door to accession” is closed for the time being. He added that Ukraine will be able to join NATO only when three member states recognize it as an “independent and sovereign state, and not an addition to Russia”. The minister did not say which countries are concerned.

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Milley: An issue that significantly affects US national security

The situation in Ukraine was commented on by Mark Milley, the highest-ranking American commander. He said the United States had many signals to interpret Russia’s military activity along the border with Ukraine as very worrying.

If there were any open, aggressive military actions by Russia against a country that has been independent since 1991, it would be an issue that would significantly affect the national security of the USA and NATO members.

Milley pointed out. However, the military officer did not say what measures the United States would take in the event of an attack by Moscow.

Strategic exercises by the armed forces of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus Zapad-2021 at the Mulino training ground in the Nizhny Novgorod region in Russia, September 11, 2021.NATO is threatening the Kremlin with severe sanctions if it attacks Ukraine [KORESPONDENCJA]

On the suggestion that Russian President Vladimir Putin may have been dared by the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, he replied: – Please ask Putin.

It would be a mistake for any country to draw far-reaching strategic lessons from the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and automatically translate the event into other situations

– he pointed out.

Various opinions of experts appear in the media about the Kremlin’s actions – from preparations for the invasion, to psychological warfare and the constant exertion of pressure. The Kremlin denied reports that it was preparing to attack. It also emphasizes that it has the right to freely move troops across its territory.

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