Unbelievable scenes in Kielce! Barcelona beaten again. But chase £ om¿a Vive

A week ago Łożma Vive Kielce defeated Barcelona for the first time, and it was away. It was a great success for the pupils of Talant Duyshebaev. “2175 – so many days have passed since Barcelona’s last defeat in front of their own audience in the Champions League (as many as 44 wins at that time). The defender of the trophy lost the last time at home on December 5, 2015 with Łomża Vive Kielce in a group stage duel” – he wrote after that the meeting is a journalist from Sport.pl, Paweł Matys.

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“Few people believed in us before the championship. Not only on TV, but in general”

The inhabitants of Kielce repeated this feat in front of their own audience, although the beginning of the meeting did not announce anything like that. Barcelona quickly took the lead 5: 1, but in the middle of the first part of the game the Polish team managed to equalize 9: 9. Soon after, the Catalans scored again two goals in a row and finally the first half ended with a two-goal lead for the visitors (14:16).

Vive KielceŁomża Vive announces an attack! Brave goal “I don’t even want to think about it”

The unbelievable pursuit of Vive. They lost by four goals in the end, but won!

The second half started badly again for Łomża Vive Kielce. Although they scored the first goal, Barcelona responded with two. The visitors held this advantage for a long time and led with two, three, and sometimes even four goals. Just a few minutes before the end of the match, Barcelona was leading 23:27. Then the incredible chase of the inhabitants of Kielce began! By the end of the match, Barcelona didn’t score any goals, and Kielce scored six goals in a row and won 29:27!

Throughout the match, Vive was leading only at the very beginning of the match (1-0), and then had to chase the result. The Polish team caught up with Barcelona and defeated it basically at the last moment. This is the first time since 2009 that Barcelona have lost two Champions League group stage games in a row!

Łomża Vive Kielce leads in group B. After eight matches he has seven wins and one defeat, which gives 14 points. Barcelona is second with four wins and three losses (nine points).

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