Uncover up and Down Yanet García Without Fear of Open Lace

The beautiful Weather Girl becomes more ‘affectionate’ and raises more than the temperature when discovering her charms with the open lace

Yanet García is one of the women who have undoubtedly once again surprised us with how ‘affectionate’ she can be with her followers, after showing off such curves, uncovering up and down without any shame with a lace that almost does not it covers.

And it is that the famous Mexican model and actress originally from Santiago, Nuevo León, once again left her fervent admirers wanting more by showing off in a spectacular way with the wide-open lace, because knowing her anatomy perfectly, she takes into account that without grief is how it has gone further.

It was through her official Instagram account that Yanet García shared an intense video in which she wanted to show off her beauty in its maximum splendor, showing off a risky two-piece set of lemon green lace, wherewith thin strips she barely covered her sculptural anatomy without a trace of pain, leaving uncovered up and down as if there were no tomorrow.

So by getting very close to the camera lens and with great lighting, it is how he showed how smooth his skin looks and the contrast that the fluorescent color makes since when he opened the coat he was wearing he made everything more noticeable. that was below, causing a furor by displaying more than his followers expected, all this while with expensive luxuries he walked inside a room in New York.


This is how in just a couple of hours, the model had more than 939 thousand reproductions since it is almost impossible that her long list of fans did not appear in the said publication of the video to leave her compliments and compliments.

Yanet García, known for being the Girl of the Weather, made her popularity thanks to Televisa’s Hoy program, since she always found a way to show her glorious charms on national television with wonderful outfits that made her look spectacular, whether it was something tight, loose, or dress.

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