Unicredit hires: here are the 4 required profiles, direct consultants at work in Palermo

Unicredit continues to hire in Italy and Sicily, thanks to the trade union agreement. called “Team 23”, which provides that 2,600 hires will be made in the face of 5,200 voluntary departures. This was reported by Giuseppe Angelini, secretary of the national coordination of the FAbi Unicredit group.

Applying is easy enough. Just go to the site, Unicredit.it, and look in the home page, at the bottom, in the right corner, for the entry “About Us” and then look for the last line, “Career”. At least a three-year degree in economics, law, political science and communication is required. A “competitive pay package, health insurance, full pension scheme” is offered.

To date, continues Fabi, there are 4 possibilities.

Work in the branch

Branch consultant. Requirements: problem solving, available for dialogue and listening, for mobility (including smaller islands). He will have to support, advise and manage the client’s assets.

Work in Direct

Direct Consultant. Requirements: creativity, propensity for the digital world and problem solving, communication skills. These offices are located in large cities, in Sicily in Palermo. He will have to place stock market orders, assist clients with digital channels, cards, information.

He works in Wealth Management & Private Banking

Customer Assistant. Requirements: excellent academic qualifications, territorial mobility, aptitude in risk management. It will have to manage sophisticated and demanding customers, find dedicated investment solutions.

Corporate Graduate Program-Next Generation

It is a 12-month development path that offers a unique vision of the corporate business in Network Italy. A certified training and a job shadowing and job rotation path within the bank are foreseen to work in different business areas and develop a solid professional profile. Requirements: New graduates with excellent academic results, with an international profile, a strong attitude to risk management, innovative spirit and motivation to achieve sustainable results.

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