Unicredit: ready against shocks, mergers only if conditions – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, SEPTEMBER 21 – Unicredit is ready to absorb the incoming economic shocks, given that it enters “from a position of extreme strength”. This was stated by Unicredit CEO Andrea Orcel in Rome for the presentation of Teach for All. “We have the highest capital in the sector, we generate capital, we have reduced bad debts and we have further” counter-cyclical buffers.

Furthermore, the increase in rates increases revenues and this will help to “absorb the bad debts that will undoubtedly increase”. And on the subject of mergers “if we have the opportunities” and “the right conditions in a country” we will make mergers and mergers “but this does not mean that tomorrow morning I announce an operation”: Lo to “I say what any bank or company CEO would say “. “Since I have been here we have always behaved in a linear manner”. Returning to the failure to merge with MPS, Orcel explained how “we shared the parameters we had for the operation with the government. other party “. (HANDLE).