Unpublished! Shakira Shows the Backstage of the Super Bowl It Was Special!

The singer made an unforgettable presentation with Jennifer López.

The Colombian Shakira, posted on her personal Instagram account a video about her step behind the stage of the Super Bowl, while addressing it and seen it, it is simply something magical.

The artist who has more than 63 million followers in her account on the social network, has managed to make the clip play 2 million times and reached 4 thousand comments.

In the video of the composer, she is walking through the halls of the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, just when she is about to start her part-time show, along the way she gets with part of the dancers who very excited begin to chant her name.

Shakira in this situation stops and begins to greet them and photograph themselves with them, without a doubt it generates a magical aura and just before such an important presentation, the artist was very relaxed.

It should be noted that the same day, the singer was turning years, received a surprise party that was full of stars among which Beyoncé highlighted.

The show that Shakira performed with Jennifer Lopez, was undoubtedly one of the best stagings that have been held at the halftime of this event.

The Colombian artist is one of the most beloved personalities in the industry and the video makes clear why, and the composer overflows charisma wherever she goes.

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