Unsuccessful ending of Łukasz Skorupski’s team. The last minute mattered

Before the game, Cagliari was in a much worse situation – it was 18th and had to take into account the specter of the struggle to stay in Serie A. Therefore, it had to fight bravely for every point. The Bologna team was in the middle of the table. She had a big advantage over the relegation zone and an even greater loss to the leading teams. Sebastian Walukiewicz did not play for Cagliari due to an injury, while Łukasz Skorupski stood between the goal posts of Bologna.

In the first half, Cagliari players were much closer to the goal. In the 14th minute, Raoul Bellanova only hit the post from close range. Later, a good opportunity was also wasted by Alberto Grassi, who struck too lightly to surprise Łukasz Skorupski.

After the break, however, Bologna took the lead. In the 54th minute Riccardo Orsolini opened the result of the game with a beautiful free kick.

The end, however, belonged to the hosts. First, in the 71st minute, Leonardo Pavoletti led to a draw. The Italian found himself well in the penalty area and defeated Skorupski without any problems.

The hosts dealt the final blow in the 93rd minute. Gaston Pereiro received the ball in the penalty area, hit the “short” post and defeated the Polish goalkeeper. Skorupski should do better in this situation, because the ball fell into the net under his arm.

With the win, Cagliari only has a point behind the first team outside the relegation zone. Bologna, on the other hand, lost their fourth defeat in their fifth league match and definitely did not improve their situation.

Cagliari – Bologna 2: 1 (0: 0)

Goals: Pavoletti (71), Pereiro (93) – Orsolini (54)

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