Unthinkable! Joaquin Phoenix and His Girlfriend Celebrated the Oscar by Eating in the Street

Joaquin Phoenix

The humility of the protagonist of “Joker” has surprised his audience.

After winning the Oscar for Best Actor, Joaquin Phoenix became the undisputed star of the prestigious evening, attracting the eyes of all the media, who filled his name with the cover of the main newspapers.

With an emotional speech dedicated to raising awareness about empathy, compassion and the relationship of human beings with the world around them, the protagonist of “Joker” moved all those present to tears.

After the awards ceremony, most of the artists gathered at the famous after-party and another preferred to meet more intimately. Some opted for elegant dinners and others like Phoenix, opted for something somewhat more informal.  

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Contrary to what many might think, Joaquin wanted to celebrate his triumph in a very simple way in the company of his partner Rooney Mara, sharing a particularly romantic scene as taken from a movie.  

This could be confirmed in an image captured by photographer Greg William, in which the Oscar winner was portrayed eating vegan burgers with his girlfriend, sitting on the sidewalk of a building in the street.

As expected, the photo has been around the world, captivating everyone for the simplicity of the Puerto Rican actor, who was very happy and relaxed sharing with his partner. 

After obtaining his deserved recognition, Joaquin savored with great humility the honey of success by standing firm to his principles, as he showed in his emotional speech.



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