Until Dawn developers are to work on “several” exclusive games for PS5. Supermassive is preparing surprises

Supermassive Games until a few years ago worked exclusively for PlayStation, and although the British studio has recently also been developing games for Xboxes and PCs, we are to witness an interesting announcement in the future. According to a well-known informant, Sony has re-established cooperation with the developers of Until Dawn.

Until Dawn is by far the greatest success of Supermassive Games, which has produced a big surprise for PlayStation 4. Few could believe that this horror game will present such a high level, but the game was well received by many players. Then, the developers dealt with other projects for PS4 and PSVR, but in 2019 they launched The Dark Pictures Anthology series. Since then, developers’ games have also been released on Xbox and PC.

Roberto Serrano, an Italian informant related to, among other things, PlayStation activities, received a very interesting news – In his opinion, Supermassive Games is to deal with several productions that will be available exclusively on PlayStation.

“Supermassive Games is working on some new, unannounced exclusive PlayStation games

BAFTA Award Winner, Freelance Game Developer for Innovation in Storytelling and VR should have at least one of them ready to showcase this year

# PS4 #PSVR # PS5 # PSVR2 “

According to the insider, we will see at least one item in 2022, but we have not received any details at the moment. Considering the situation and the positive feedback – I won’t be surprised when it turns out that Sony has ordered Until Dawn 2 or the developers are working on a new VR title for PS VR2.

Keep in mind that Supermassive Games is still an independent studio, so anyone can actually hire developers to develop the game.

Source: https://www.psu.com/news/rumor-supermassive-games-has-several-unannounced-playstation-exclusive-games-in-the-pipeline/

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