Unusual! Natalie Portman Is Criticized by Famous Artist After a Gesture She Made at the Oscars

The actress was recriminated because “it was an unintentional act.”

Natalie Portman starred in The Oscar’s Red Carpet when she combined her elegance and activism by wearing a Dior cape. This piece looked embroidered with the names of directors who were not nominated despite having done a great job this year.

Although the press and public opinion have praised Portman for her protest at the absence of nominations for female directors, he did not have the same reception from everyone, and especially from this famous actress.

And is that actress Rose McGowan, has criticized Natalie for the way to do activism since he considers it “offensive.”

Making use of her personal Facebook account, McGowan wrote: “I believe that Portman’s way of doing activism is deeply offensive to those of us who are really working [for equality].”

“I am not saying this with bitterness, only with disgust. I am only looking for her and other actresses to get involved along the way,” Rose said of the message dedicated to the protagonist of “Black Swan.”

McGowan even went further by claiming that Portman as a producer has not encouraged projects that lead women, “Until you and your other partners do something honestly, please do all to leave layers of alleged activists hanging, they don’t fit,” he added.

However, Rose omitted Portman’s works that were led by female filmmakers such as the short film Illusions and Mirrors, by Iranian artist Shirin Neshat, or the fragment that starred in New York, I Love You, directed by Mira Nair, winner of the Lion of Gold of the Venice Festival for The Wedding of the Monsoon in 2001.

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