UOKiK imposed 313 thousand. golden penalties for the Poznań producer of accumulators and batteries

It’s about Exide Technologies.

According to the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, a decision has just been issued against the company from Poznań, which generated payment backlogs. – The entrepreneur additionally violated the provisions on maximum payment terms by applying excessively long, more than 60-day deadlines for suppliers – micro, small and medium-sized enterprises – provided by UOKiK.

– The Exide company did not pay many Polish suppliers on time, including producers of batteries, lead, companies dealing with battery recycling or producers from the electronics industry. Only in three months of 2020, it failed to settle over 3,000 invoices against 441 contractors on time for a total amount of over PLN 111 million. In turn, the amounts due, which she did not receive or received late, amounted to just over PLN 13 million, which means that she was to a small extent a victim of congestion herself – says the President of UOKiK, Tomasz Chróstny.

A fine of PLN 313 thousand was imposed on Exide Technologies.

UOKiK emphasizes that the regulations in force “do not allow for the effective implementation of the basic goal, which is the effective elimination of late payments”. – At the moment, inter-ministerial agreements regarding the amendment to the act are in progress. In the opinion of the Office, it is necessary, first of all, to make the applicable provisions more flexible, including taking into account the specific circumstances relating to the infringement and the undertaking itself, both mitigating and aggravating, when the penalty is imposed. Thanks to this, the penalty would be adequate to the severity of the infringement, the entrepreneur’s situation or the task set in the act, which is limiting payment backlogs – marks the office.

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