US midterm elections, 5 states also voted to abolish slavery. But in Louisiana they chose to keep it in place

Not even this time slavery it was completely abolished in States United. The elections of midterm Americans have not only served to renew the House, a third of the Senate, the governors of 36 states out of 50 and numerous local offices. US citizens also voted for some on November 8 referendum. Among these, 157 years after the ratification of the 13th amendment of Abraham Lincolnthere was one on abolition of the slavery. The Constitution of Alabama, Louisiana, Oregon, Tennessee and Vermontin fact, it still allowed, in 2022, that among the possible ones penis imposed on those who commit certain crimes there were i works forced: without compensation, rights, union protections and under blackmail. The results say that in four states voters have chosen to remove from the texts the language that allowed this exception to the 13th amendment of 1865. In Louisiana no: with the 60.9% of the votes oppositesthe referendum was rejected.

Until November 8, they were in the United States eight hundred thousand prisoners subjected to forced labor. Prisoners who refuse to comply with these conditions are punished, put in isolation or they lose the chance to have the penalty reduced for good behavior. In the 2002in front of Supreme Court the case of an inmate of theAlabama which had remained tied to a pole under the Sun for seven hours. This is because he refused to be busy in the ‘chain gang‘: the prisoners, tied to a single chain, in their striped uniforms, work on the roadsides, in the fields and on the railway tracks.

In the country with one of the largest populations prison and the highest taxi from incarceration around the world, the prison system is based on practically free labor provided by inmates. Excluding convicts, nationally the average wage for prisoners is 52 cents an hour, from which some deductions made by the prison administrations for taxes and expenses must also be subtracted. According to theAmerican Civil Liberties Union (Aclu), the near-zero cost labor force of prisons produces approx 2 billion from dollars the year in goods, and beyond 9 billion in services for the maintenance of the same prisons.

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