US, New York prosecutor sues Donald Trump and his three sons for fraud. And he asks for $ 250 million

At the end of a lasting investigation three yearsthe attorney general of New York Letitia James he presented a civil lawsuit against Donald Trumphis three children and the Trump Organization. The four are accused of being involved for over a decade in a broad fraud set up to get rich. The prosecutor’s office has demanded payment of a fine from 250 million dollars. In particular, the accusation is of having deceived investors and tax authorities by inflating property values ​​to obtain investments and then decreasing them to obtain tax relief and subsidized loans. The lawsuit also covers Donald Trump Jr, Eric Trump And Ivanka Trump.

New York attorney James says she is convinced that the former president and his company have violated several state criminal laws and “plausibly” even federal ones. Precisely for this reason James – who does not have the authority to file criminal charges – will report what she discovered in the investigation to the federal authorities in Manhattan. James with action aims to permanently ban Trump from holding directorial positions in New York companies. “Nobody is above the law,” Letitia James told a news conference.

Another witch hunt“, He attacked Trump on social networks,” from an attorney general who failed in her run for governor, getting almost zero support from voters, and is now doing badly against the highly respected candidate for office Michael Henry. She is a scammer who has led a campaign focused on ‘Catch Trump’ despite the city being a worldwide disaster for crime and murder because of her ”.

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