USA. An accident on a ski slope. People were jumping from the chairlift [WIDEO]

At least two people were injured on a slope in North Carolina (USA) when the accident happened. One of the skiers damaged a fire hydrant from which water shot out. The cold shower hit the people sitting on the chairs.

The incident occurred at Beech Mountain in Avery County, North Carolina. Ski resort management reported that one of the guests ski so unfortunately that he hit a fire hydrant.

North Carolina. An accident on a ski slope. They are injured

A video showing skiers on a chairlift has been released to the network. They are whipped by water jets from the hydrant. Several people have been given an icy shower in the 7-degree frost. Some were forced to jump down from the ski lift to protect themselves from the water.

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Two people were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. “As soon as we realized the problem, our team took immediate action to safely disable the system and help skiers get off the lift,” said the resort management.

A 19-year-old American woman has come to Beech Mountain to celebrate her birthday. She was on a ski lift with her best friend when suddenly water gushed from the fire hydrant and she fell off her chair. – It hurts a lot, mainly on the left side of the body. I have bruises – said Emma Lopinto, one of the victims, in an interview with – All I remember is a metal rod and then myself flying up. I opened my eyes only on the ground – she summed up.

Another skier, Ivy-Elise Ivey, broke her arm while jumping off a high chair. – Everyone was shocked. You won’t be jumping from this height if you don’t have to do it, she emphasized. Representatives of the Beech Mountain ski resort added in a statement that they had not instructed skiers to jump.

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