USA report cards – Adams leader and man everywhere, McKennie precious, Weah does not affect

Final result: England-USA

Turners 6.5 – Very careful on crosses coming from the back, he always reads the intentions of the English forwards well. Providential in the recovery of the first half on the conclusion of Mount.

Dest 6 – The AC Milan defender accompanies the action a lot by disengaging himself on the right wing, being in the right place at the right time and concentrating with his speed. From 77′ Moore sv

Zimmermann 6.5 – Often goes to deep suggestion rather than bottom-up setting due to the presence of dangerous opponents. Saves on Kane immolating himself on the striker’s sure shot conclusion.

Realm 6.5 – Punctual in interventions in the center of the penalty area despite having a player of Harry Kane’s caliber in front of him. Careful game of the US central.

Robinson 6 – Saka acts on his side and often skips him to go in search of the penalty area. In the second half, however, he is more attentive to the English buck.

McKennie 6.5 – Try to turn on the light by being seen a lot in his national team’s game even if he devours the lead ball in the first half. Valuable even in the retreat phase within his own penalty area. From 77′ Aaronson sv

Adams 7 – Man everywhere in the middle of the field the youngest captain of the United States national team. When he sets up, however, he is hunted down by the English midfielders who leave him no room for manoeuvre.

Musah 6.5 – He integrates very well with McKennie and Adams, he stands out for his speed and ability to free himself from shooting even if in the first half he is not lucky with Pickford blocking. He drops in tone in the second half where he dedicates himself more to the containment phase.

Weah 5.5 – Is sought less by teammates, finds little space in the right lane to go and hit. Generous however when in the retreat phase he lowers himself on the Dest line. From 84′ Reyna sv

Wrights 5.5 – Few playable balls for the centre-forward who replaced Sargent today. Hunted by Maguire and Stones who leave him no space to strike. From 84′ Sargent sv

Cleaning 6.5 – He is almost never seen until the 32nd minute when he shoots violently from a standstill, breaking the crossbar and coming close to scoring for his national team. He fights in the second half and shows good plays, but is still dangerous.

Gregg Berhalter 6 – Second consecutive draw for his national team which contains the English offensive and also puts apprehension at the Southgate national rearguard. Now the USA will play for the next round in the last game against Iran.

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