Users of fitness clubs will be able to spread the payments over time

The new method of regulating payments for the use of fitness clubs is the result of an agreement signed by the Polish Fitness Federation and Oney Polska. Customers of fitness networks that have implemented OneyRaty will be able to pay for membership cards, personal training, diet plans or installment metamorphosis programs without incurring additional costs. The OneyRaty service is available in the fitness networks Up, UpToYou, FC24, Orange Fitness Theory, FunFit II, Fitmax, Bella Line Wellness Center and Gipara Fitness.

– The COVID-19 crisis has been particularly severe for the fitness industry. As an employers’ association in our sector, we make every effort to provide fitness clubs and other companies in our segment with solutions that support the recovery of financial results before the lockdown period. One of them is the possibility of obtaining financing for products or services in the form of 0% installments, which successfully operate in other industries – says Tomasz Napiórkowski, president of the Polish Fitness Federation. As he adds, the Oney Raty service is an ideal option to support the sale of memberships, where the customer has the option to pay the subscription in convenient installments, and the fitness club receives the full membership value in advance.

– It also opens the possibility of selling more expensive services in the installment plan, such as personal training, metamorphosis programs, EMS training, physiotherapy services and many others. We anticipate that the introduction of this type of service in fitness clubs will significantly improve their cash flow and help restore financial liquidity, points out Napiórkowski.

Fitness chains that have decided to implement the OneyRaty service indicate the advantages of this solution. – We can open up with new services to a much wider group of recipients who, without the possibility of financing, would not be able to afford private rehabilitation or personal training – says Sebastian Gazda, general director and managing partner of the UP club network. As it complements, the new solution allows for a significant improvement in revenues, which is important after a difficult lockdown period for the sector.

Oney Polska ensures that the service does not burden the partner’s systems and processes, and the costs of its implementation are low, because the entire process runs online without the need to integrate with the cash register system. The full implementation of the service takes up to two weeks from the moment the contract is signed. The next stage of Oney’s cooperation with the fitness industry is to implement the application in e-commerce projects in this sector. The first steps in this regard are to be taken this year.


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