Vaccinations against COVID-19. Quebec. They want to punish the unvaccinated, first effects

On Tuesday, Quebec Prime Minister Francois Legault reported that residents of the Canadian province who do not want to be vaccinated against COVID-19 despite the lack of valid medical reasons, will pay a special tax. About 10 percent Quebec residents are unvaccinated.

The amount of the “premium” as defined by Legault will be announced in the coming weeks and this will be “significant sum“The Quebec prime minister stressed that 10 percent of the provincial residents who have not yet received even the first dose of the vaccine may not cause problems for the remaining 90 percent.

According to the provincial authorities, the announced penalties are in effect. According to Twitter, Quebec Health Minister Christian Dube on January 10, the number of people who decided to take the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine was 5,000. After the announcement of the changes, it increased to 7,000 on January 12, which is “a record of the last days”. “It’s encouraging!” – commented the minister.

One Quebec physician, Jean Bottari, commented on Twitter that all anti-vaccines who repeatedly charge them for medical care if necessary should be aware that a day in a Quebec hospital would cost around $ 1,500, and in an intensive care unit therapy – CAD 4,000 plus the cost of doctors’ salaries.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did not want to judge the decisions of Quebec authorities, stating that he would wait for details.


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