Valtteri Bottas told about his illness. “Several times I thought my spirit was leaving”

Athletes do not always make honest statements about their mental health. Valtteri Bottas is one of the athletes who told his story. – [W 2014 roku – przyp. red.] I was going on the plane and my ex-girlfriend said to me, “I hope the flight goes well.” I told her, “Even if we crash, what? I’ll get rid of everything around.” Thoughts such as that nothing makes sense started to run through my mind, the F1 driver began in an interview with “Supla” TV.

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Valterri Bottas struggles with depression. “Everything is out of control”

It turns out that the 32-year-old Mercedes driver’s problems began with physical health. Formula 1 drivers must maintain adequate weight because every gram counts. – Everything is a little out of hand. I had to step on the scales every morning and every night. I’ve always had to be thinner and thinner. It made me feel better, said Bottas.

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– I was very tired very quickly. Then I started having trouble sleeping. At one point my ex-girlfriend asked if I should be treated. She said I was no longer myself. I was a shadow of who I was before. I didn’t feel anything anymore – he added. Added to this was the death of Jules Bianchi in 2015. The Frenchman had suffered an accident in October a year earlier, but was in critical condition in hospital for several months.

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“I went through the fog and it took two years to recover,” he said. He even considered quitting the sport altogether. “My energy was running out. My whole life was only about F1. I didn’t get any pleasure from it,” he added. she came back only after working with a psychologist.

Bottas has been in the drivers’ field since 2013. He started in the Williams team, and for five years he has been driving in Mercedes, in the colors of which he won four places on the podium in the individual classification (two times the second and two times third). Valtteri Bottas will leave Mercedes next season and join the Alfa Romeo team. The same, in which Robert Kubica plays the role of a backup.

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